Nightstand Lamps for Children's Bedrooms

In our post today, check out our top nightstand lamps for children's rooms. We'll also give you some tips on using them to light up the decor.
Nightstand Lamps for Children's Bedrooms

Last update: 13 July, 2019

When it comes to setting up a room for children, lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider. That doesn’t just mean the main ceiling lamp and natural light sources. Lighting also includes other elements like nightstand lamps.

Nightstand lamps aren’t designed to light up a desk for work or study. Instead, they help create a setting. Their gentle glow actually makes them perfect for helping children overcome a fear of the dark.

These days, you can find all kinds of nightstand lamps on the market. But there’s a clear pattern that most designs follow: cartoon animals are generally very popular thanks to the love children usually have for the animal kingdom.

Nightstand lamps for children

Nightstand lamp structures can vary greatly. Some models feature a base and a lampshade while others are a singular structure.

nightstand lamps children

Whatever the structure, children’s nightstand lamps usually all feature the same light intensity, which is gentle and dim. Lamps might emit cold, warm or even colorful light.

Most children’s nightstand lamps are wireless. The wireless feature not only eliminates an unsightly cord but it also keeps children from investigating plugs and outlets, which is dangerous.

In light of their natural curiosity, many children’s lamps are designed to work with batteries or solar energy. But you can also find models that are cord-free.

Where should you set them up?

Despite what their name might suggest, nightstand lamps aren’t limited to sitting on nightstands. You can also place them on a desk, shelf or a chest of drawers. Some people even set them up on the floor on top of a rug to create a certain ambiance.

For example, Ikea’s red and white SKOJIG lamp looks like a mushroom, making it a perfect decor for a fairy- or garden-inspired room decor.

nightstand lamps where

Top nightstand lamps for children

The following list of nightstand lamps for children is all available at Ikea. Aside from a cute design, they all have an affordable price.

Or, instead of animal lamps, you can try something a little simpler: play around with the lampshade of the fixture you already have. For example, swap a solid-color shade for a fun, colorful one with an original design. Ikea’s TROLLAKULLA is a great option. It features a blue base decorated with flying toucans.


For studying and creating the right setting

nightstand lamps ambiance

If you’re looking for a table lamp that’s great for studying or setting the right mood for concentration, try Ikea’s new product KRUX. KRUX is a design by Monika Mulder and is functional, safe, original and eye-catching at the same time.

KRUX is a flex table lamp that uses LED technology. Though it’s a visually simple design, it really attracts the eye because it almost resembles some sort of animal, inviting onlookers to use a little imagination.

Is it a horse? Dog? Or maybe a giraffe? It’s all up to your child. The KRUX lamp comes in a variety of colors such as white, green and yellow.

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