Simple and Ideal Towel Rails for the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. That's why when you decorated it, you must pay attention to every detail.
Simple and Ideal Towel Rails for the Bathroom

Last update: 28 January, 2021

This article will give you some ideas for towel rails that you can make yourself quickly and easily.

Simple and ideal towel rails for the bathroom

In today’s post, we’d like to share some ideas on simple towel rails that you can easily make yourself. You can even let the kids help you. They’ll love it!

This DIY trend is a great way to save money and learn new skills. In addition, if you care about the environment, with DIY you can re-purpose things you no longer use. It’s a great way to encourage creativity.

We don’t often give bathroom decor the attention it deserves. We don’t put much thought into soap dishes, hangers, toilet accessories or towel rails, which are the main focus of this article.

However, bathroom accessories can add a lot to the look of the bathroom. And it’s so much better when you can make them from things you already have around the house.

Here are 5 ideas for simple towel rails that you can make yourself.

1. With rope

This idea is very simple, and you can use a thick rope or some strands that you braid yourself. It will hardly cost a thing. You just need the rope and hooks to hang it onto the appropriate wall.

Then you can shape it as you want it.  There are two ways to do this:

  1. In a circle: this is very simple. You make one or more knots in the rope. If there is enough space, you can make more than one and place them at different heights. The result will be great.
  2. Horizontally: on a wall about waist high place three rings about half a meter apart. Pass the rope through these rings to form a horizontal line. Then you can put towels in the sections between the rings.
Towel rail made of rope

2. With a wooden board

Recycled wood is increasingly fashionable in the world of interior design. To make our simple towel rail, you only need a wooden plank of between 40-60 cm. 

The next step is to screw hooks to each end of the board leaving space in between them. You can place them at the same height or at different heights.

The wooden board can be irregular with worn edges or it can be as straight as an arrow. It’s really up to you. It depends on what style you choose for your bathroom

Towel rail made of wood

3. Using a ladder

This example is one of the easiest. All you have to do is take one or two short ladders, (depending on the available space and the number of towels you want to hang) and rest them against the wall.

A towel can hang on each crossbar. You can place them according to size and/or color. You can also attach a basket to one of the crossbars to hold soap or cleaning supplies. A wicker basket is a great option since they are especially trendy right now.

If you choose a wooden ladder, you can paint it yourself. For example, you can paint it white or whatever color matches your bathroom.

Towel rail made with a wooden ladder

4. A brass towel rack

In this example, you need a brass triangle. You can buy the brass at stores like Leroy Merlin and have it shaped.

The final result should be similar to that of a hanger. Then, you can attach the upper corner to the wall.

Brass, of course, has a golden color. This is something you must consider so that it doesn’t clash with the decor of your bathroom. And just like with the towel rail made of rope, you can have more than one on the same wall if you need to hang several towels.

Brass towel rail

5. Simple ring-shaped towel rails

The good thing about this option is that there are so many different choices in size and materials. One way to do this is similar to one we’ve already mentioned. You can screw several rings onto a wooden plank.

You can also tie a strip of leather or other material strong enough to hold a towel to a large ring. Then you can hang it on a hook in the wall. A simple screw will even do.

The most original option is to shape wire into a circle and thread it with wood or plastic spheres. It’s kind of like making a bracelet with beads. This will give your bathroom a touch of color and style.

Ring shaped towel rail


We hope these ideas have inspired you to create simple towel rails. Of course, you can always add your own personal touches to any of them. Just be sure that the hooks or whatever supports you chose can hold the weight of your towels especially if you hang them when they are still wet.