3 Ways to Recycle Wooden Ladders

Wooden ladders are the perfect way to decorate a space practically. They're also very trendy. Today, we have 3 ideas to show you that you'll love.
3 Ways to Recycle Wooden Ladders

Last update: 05 February, 2019

Wooden ladders can take us back in time. Today, most wooden ladders that we come across are aluminum, which makes them more lightweight. But wooden ladders have a special charm.

There are mainly two different types of ladders: fixed or portable. To clear up any confusion, in this article, we’ll only be talking about the latter. Portable ladders also come in different varieties. Extension and step ladders are the most common models.

Extension ladders lean against a wall or are used in wells. Step ladders, on the other hand, are two ladders that are bridged together by a hinge at the top.

Many of us have some kind of wooden ladder at home that we don’t use anymore after having replaced it with an aluminum one. But before you throw yours out, we want to inspire you to use them for decor because they’re all the rage these days.

Recycled wooden ladders are multi-functional because you can use them in any area of your home, be it the kitchen or bathroom, bedroom or living room.

Wooden ladders in the kitchen

Our first idea is using a wooden ladder in the kitchen. There are different ways to set it up: you can use it as a shelf, rack, etc. An extension ladder would work best here.

This idea will really benefit you if your kitchen has an island. You could place the ladder right above the island, giving you a rack to always keep your fry pans, pots or other cookware at an arm’s reach.

You could also hang items that have a hole for hanging, like ladles. The ladder could also work as a shelf. You’ll need to think about how high you want to hang your ladder.

Another way to use a wooden ladder in the kitchen is by hanging it above the bar counter and using it as a base for lighting.

Wooden ladder 1

Multi-function rack for the living room

Our second idea for recycling a wooden ladder is for the living room: use it as a rack. This idea also calls for an extension ladder as it’ll lean against a wall. Just use the rungs to hang throws or magazines.

Using a wooden step ladder is another idea for your living room. To set it up, you’ll need some wooden boards to place on top each set of rungs. With the wooden boards in place, you can enjoy a beautiful, recycled shelving unit for your home.

To give it an even more special touch, use different sized boards, going from smaller to larger. The different sizes will make your shelf really special.

Rack for the dressing room

Our third and last idea for wooden ladder home decor is making a rack for a dressing room or bedroom. To get started, you’ll need an extension ladder as you’ll hang it from the ceiling; or, you can also use hooks that are designed to hang shelves.

You just need to set up your ladder in place and hang it from the ceiling. Use marine rope to give it even more of a rustic, yet chic, feel. You can also just try fixing the ladder in place as if you were going to hang it up on the wall. To fix it onto the wall, you’ll need shelf suppers and a drill.

After, just put your rope on hangers and hang them from the rungs of the latter. The top part can work as a shelf for bags or shoe boxes.

Our wooden ladder ideas: important aspects

If you’re thinking about recycling a wooden ladder, you should think about:

  • What you want to reuse it for.
  • The kind of ladder that it is and if you can use it for your plans.
  • Its current condition; it might need a coat of paint or varnish.

As you’ve read with us today, before throwing something away, you can think about how to give it a second life. You just need a little creativity and imagination.