5 Ways to Hide Electrical Cords in Your Kitchen

Leaving your electrical cords visible in your kitchen can make the space feel disorganized and chaotic. So, we're going to give you some tips on how to hide them.
5 Ways to Hide Electrical Cords in Your Kitchen

Last update: 20 January, 2019

If you don’t hide the electrical cords in your kitchen, it can make the room feel disorganized. It will also be harder to clean and will take you much longer.

Hiding cords stops them from interfering with your daily life. Modern kitchens are full of appliances and accessories with electrical cords, which makes it even more important to know how to hide them.

So, we’re going to give you 5 specific tips. Some of them are perfect if you like DIY projects. You won’t need many materials, and they’re all relatively simple.

5 ways to hide electrical cords in your kitchen

1. Use cable collectors or wireways

Cable collectors are small tubes that go along your wall and are to hide electrical cords. They’re adhesive, which makes them very easy to install.

They come in several different materials including metal, plastic, and fiberglass. They can also be straight, right angles (for corners), semi-circles, etc. You need to think of how many cords you’re trying to hide when you choose one. That way you can pick out the right size of wireway.

They generally come with a hinged lid to make it easier to open them. Also, you can get them in lots of light and dark colors, including white and wood (probably imitation). You can find them at most home improvement stores and they aren’t too expensive.

2. Hide them in the baseboard

Baseboards are great for decoration and help protect the lower part of your wall from stains. Some are built-in to the wall, and others are installed right in front. The second option is best if you want to use one to hide the electrical cords in your kitchen.

baseboard electrical cords

This also works if you have a baseboard along the middle of your wall. The important thing, in both cases, is for it to have the same finish as the floor or tiles. You always want a unified look.

Make sure to factor in the height of your appliances. This will help you distribute the cords and make them as invisible as possible.

3. Hide them behind decorative panels

You could buy them at a store, or make them yourself. All you have to do is cover as much of the space between the socket and appliance as you can.

If your kitchen has a natural look, you can use wooden (or wooden laminate) panels. Walls tend to get stained very often in a kitchen, so you need to choose a material that’s easy to clean.

You can also install a blackboard panel, which will give it two uses in one. Plus, it’s a great decorative option.

4. Put them in decorative boxes

You can hide your power strips in one of these. This will also make it easier to separate the cables. All you have to do is make as many (tiny) holes as there are cables. You can also put a metallic washer over each hole to add a nice, aesthetic touch.

Another option is to put the box or basket under the table or in a bigger box. This will fully hide the electrical cords in your kitchen, and won’t take up any space.

Or, you can always install a bracket on one side of the countertop. All you need is a bit of fabric and two metal lanyards. You can also put them over a shelf.

cable box

5. Make the cords a decoration

This is the least common option for a home (or kitchen), but it’s definitely the most striking and original. 

Again, figure out how high up your appliances (and their cords) are, and how much space you have around them. After you’ve done that, you can use the cords to make shapes along the wall. You can use hooks and suction pads to make sure they stay in place.

For example, you could make the outline of a city skyline. You could even make it look like a wreath (without lights) and add accessories like leaves, flowers, paper butterflies, etc…

So, there are lots of ways to hide the electrical cords in your kitchen. Just remember to see how high up they are and how far they are from the sockets or power strips. Keeping them out of sight will make your kitchen feel much more orderly.

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