The Best Wooden Floors for Bathrooms

Pick out the floor that best suits your needs; your investment will be worth it.
The Best Wooden Floors for Bathrooms

Last update: 19 January, 2019

Your floors shouldn’t go unnoticed. The material that you choose for your floors has an influence over various things, especially how well your bathroom can conserve heat. In our post today, we’ll show you some of the best wooden floor ideas for your bathroom.

Why should you consider wood when ceramic tiles are the norm? Kitchens and bathrooms are both ideal places to use tiles, however, there are other beneficial options available as well.

Using wood in your bathroom can mean benefits for various factors. Wooden floors undoubtedly create a more comfortable atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options of wooden floors on the market.

Solid wood

For bathrooms, solid wood is probably your best and most beautiful option. Without a doubt, it’s a great material to use for bathroom floors.

Bathroom floor1

Humid settings need a floor that can absorb humidity and, at the same time, breathe. Additionally, the wood should be more resistant to water.

On a different note, wood’s elegance and color steal the show, transforming bathrooms into a much more classy place that boasts more character. In that sense, it bumps your overall home aesthetic up a couple notches.

Classic natural oak

Classic natural oak can be bought in sheet boards while being fairly simple to install. On top of that, it guarantees quality. It makes for a strong, resistant floor that’s perfect for bathrooms.

Oak is compatible with floor heating systems and naturally conserves heat very well. It offers amazing results at a good price.

Bathroom floor 2

What tones does oak come in? The colors depend on the material:

  • Soft
  • Natural
  • Venice oak beige
  • Desert gray
  • Soft white

What about cleaning oak? Don’t worry– it’s easy to clean and you can use wood cleaning products if you want to keep it shining and in good condition.

As for brand names in this sector, Quick-Step is a popular choice all around the world.

Natural pine: wooden bathroom floors

Moving on, another popular option is pine. Pine also offers a guaranteed happy ending for any room, especially for wooden bathroom floors.

Bathroom floor 2

Bathrooms are a place where water can splash, staining and possible harming wood. In light of that, you need to use a variety that’s easy to clean.

What models can you find on the market? Here are two great options to consider:

  • Pine glazing finish
  • Pine natural finish

The first option is a hardwood natural varnish pine with a glazing finish. It’s definitely a great choice for bathrooms.

The second option is a hardwood pine with a natural finish. If there’s going to be a lot of movement across your floors, pine makes for a very resistant and ideal selection.

–Invest in the quality of your floors, your feet will thank you for it.–

Chestnut: quality flooring

Chestnut is another material that promises great results and it’s easy to clean. It’s another wise choice for bathroom floors.

Bathroom floor 4

The most common colors for this kind of flooring are:

  • Light, whiteish brown
  • Brown with salmon tones

Chestnut is an exceptionally strong option. Use it however much you’d like, it’ll always look like new. So, they’re great for bathrooms where there’s a lot of movement every day.

Bamboo: resistant and flexible

An alternative to traditional wooden floor options is bamboo. It’s strong, resistant and solid. In fact, it’s been referred to as “green steel“.

Bamboo delivers on strength and long product life. While you don’t normally see it as an option, more and more companies are deciding to offer it.

Bathroom floor5

It’s also considered as the ecological alternative to traditional woods. Give your home a hint of exoticism and see what bamboo has in store for your home and how well it can conserve heat.

— Bamboo is ecological, sustainable and high-quality.–


All of the options that we have talked about on our list are great selections. Don’t try to find the lowest prices as cheaper products can cost you more in the long run. Don’t forget that waxing your wooden floors can help keep them in good condition.

Generally speaking, investing in a good flooring material is a good idea. Whether it’s oak or pine, good investments will last longer. Our biggest recommendation is going to a specialized store that’ll offer you the best options.

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