Dollar Store Decor Finds

If you're looking for decoration elements, browse your local dollar stores. You can find anything there.
Dollar Store Decor Finds

Last update: 16 December, 2018

If you want to decorate your home, where do you go to browse for decor items? In our post below, we’ll go through some of the products that you can find at a dollar store.

Generally speaking, a dollar store is a place where you can buy all kinds of both functional or decorative goods. In fact, the variety is so vast sometimes that it can be hard to choose. It’s a place where you can browse and find everything that you need.

Every city has at least one dollar store. They have a great advantage: their extremely competitive prices. You’ll always find some sort of sale and loads of low-cost items. They’re great for any budget.

The best items for your kitchen

Dollar stores offer various selections of items that can be useful for cooking or just for decorating your kitchen. You’ll find all kinds of handy tools.

Dollar store kitchen
  • Pots, saucepans and frying pans: you’ll probably find yourself facing a huge variety, all at a great price. Be wary, however, because the quality can vary and you might find items of  lower quality.
  • Tableware: you can find a variety of items, decorative or functional, that’ll help you prepare your best dishes. You’ll also find silverware, cups, mugs, plates, etc. at low prices.
  • Decorative products: you won’t just find functional items at dollar stores. There are also decorative products for kitchens that’ll go with any style.

For living room decor

In the decor section, you can find a plethora of items to use in your living room. They might be for your walls, tables or on a shelf — there are so many options that can work perfectly.

  • Picture or photo frames: if you’re thinking about decorating a wall, pick out your favorite picture or photo and find a frame that matches it.
  • Table centerpieces: whether you’re decorating a dining or coffee table, you can look for a lovely table centerpiece, some of them can be artificial plants.
  • Candles: dollar stores always offer candles of all different sizes and widths to light up a room.
  • Shelf decor: for shelves, dollar stores have all kinds of options, both big and small. You’ll love looking through the immense variety. But remember, you have to purchase wisely and avoid overwhelming your shelves.
Dollar store shelves

Bedroom options

Decorating a bedroom is no easy task. You have to choose the best products that work with the room.

  • You might find chairs or benches at your dollar store. Both can look very nice in a bedroom. Choose the one that you think looks best, but remember not to fill up your room too much.
  • Dollar stores also often sell bedsheets and blankets. The great thing about dollar stores is there is a lot of choice.
  • Mirrors: if you want to add an interesting detail to your bedroom, look for wall mirrors.

Bathroom items

The bathroom is a functional room that can also include decorative elements. You can definitely transform it into a room where details matter. Who doesn’t like a visually appealing bathroom?

Going beyond mirrors, you can also find toothbrush holders, soap dishes, small shelving units for sponges and shower items. Additionally, sometimes there are also small sets of drawers that you can use to store your bathroom items. 

Dollar store bathroom

Finds for your home entrance

You can’t forget about decorating your home entrance. It’s the place where your guests will get their first vision of your home.

So, a dollar store can really come in handy when we need to decorate our home entrance. You might find wall decor elements, shoe racks, hangers or a nice little seat for your entrance way.

Don’t forget that some dollar stores also sell rugs. Double check their texture and make sure that their quality is good.

Dollar stores certainly do carry a little of everything.