Decor for Fans: from Harry Potter to Star Wars

Home decor for fans of iconic TV series or movies is a reality today. You can fill your house with original decor that reflects your personality and fandom. What are you a fan of?
Decor for Fans: from Harry Potter to Star Wars

Last update: 31 July, 2019

Did you know that home decor for fans is now possible? Are you one of those people who is crazy for when the newest saga of Star Wars comes out in the cinema? Is it your dream to visit Hogwarts? Or are you fascinated by the power fights of Game of Thrones?

Well, we want to let you know that your house is available to showcase your fandom. Give your home an opportunity to show off your home decor for fans. Really, there’s a little bit of geek in all of us.

The United States company Pottery Barn is a specialist in home decor for fans. You’ll be astonished by the variety in their lines of home decor dedicated to movie buffs, comic fans or cartoon enthusiasts.

A few months ago, they launched a new line of decor products dedicated to Harry Potter. But of course, there’s inspiration for fans of Star Wars, Peanuts, Disney, Batman, etc as well.

For J.K. Rowling universe lovers

Harry Potter themed decor from Pottery Barn

If you’re a fan of the adventures of Harry Potter and friends, and of magic lessons and of conjurers and wizards, don’t miss out on this collection. Your house will be filled with magic and Hogwarts will come to your home. You can find options for those of all ages with items from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and PBteen.

On Pottery Barn Kids, you will find a bed that’s inspired by Hogwarts Express. You’ll also see a Buckbeak cot and a furry sofa with Hedwig’s head on it. To complete the picture, they have sheets, blankets, cushions, bedside table lamps, etc with a snitch or photo frames, for fans of Gryffindor, or even Slytherin.

Hedwig lamp for a teenager's bedroom

For teenagers, PBteen is available. It’s to die for! The textile line is incredible and includes backpacks, dressing gowns, or even a jewel or knick-knacks case that looks like Hedwig’s cage. There is a huge variety of different watches and clocks with quidditch decor, and items that your kids can store small things in at night. Think cups, tablet cases, lamps, mirrors, even chests of drawers, etc.

But of course, just because you’re an adult, it doesn’t mean you have to be excluded from wanting Harry Potter decor. Apart from the furniture items and decor objects we mentioned above, there is also a line of household goods that were created in conjunction with Williams Sonoma. You’ll be impressed by the variety and creativeness.

Travel through space with Star Wars

Star Wars themed children's bedroom

George Lucas’ Star Wars universe has also arrived at Pottery Barn. Even bed sheets can take you directly to the stars. Their lines also include decorative items for the smallest members of the household, such as towels, cots, baby blankets, cushions, armchairs, and poufs. The lamps are really adorable, with an R2-D2 base or a BB-8 pedestal. There’s even Star Wars wallpaper that would be great for a child’s bedroom.

On PBteen, there’s a lamp you’ll find that looks like a white Stormtrooper’s head. It could light up any teen’s night (or do the same for someone not quite so young).

There are murals with mythical scenes and a side table and armchair with various finishes. This collection really deserves a look – here’s the link. For true Star Wars fans, it will be well worth it.

Some other items in home decor for fans

Snoopy and Peanuts cups from Pottery Barn

Peanuts also makes his appearance in this company’s product lines with Snoopy and all their friends. The coolest items are crockery items and signs full of signature phrases from these characters. There are also cushions, bedclothes and shower curtains. Check out the whole of the Peanuts collection from Pottery Barn, it’s well worth a look for die-hard fans.

Disney, Pixar, and Heroes and Villains are some of the other lines that your kids will love. They include beds, sheets, quilts, towels, cushions, and many more fun and practical objects you can use for decorating your kids’ bedrooms.

Home decor for fans: from Etsy

Find decor for fans of Game of Thrones on Etsy such as this dragon's egg lamp

In this virtual shop, you can find almost anything. But of course, home decor for fans plays a major role on Etsy. Check out everything they have dedicated to followers of the legendary Game of Thrones.

From welcome doormats, dragon egg lamps that light up, pictures, swords, door stoppers, or pillow slips that show which family you identify with, they’ve got it all.

Don’t be ashamed of what you’re passionate about. Let your house become a showcase of your fandom with your home decor for fans.

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