Music Boxes for Children's Room Decor

Thinking about adding a music box to your children's rooms? Here are the different kinds of music boxes you can find and the best spots for them.
Music Boxes for Children's Room Decor

Last update: 11 July, 2019

Music boxes are little mechanical wonders that are still popular today. They’re decorative wind-up boxes that play simple melodies. Some models even have a figure that normally rotates around the main axle.

Music boxes are perfect items for decor as well as interaction and they come in all different sorts: antique, modern, with lid, additional storage compartments, detailed or simple.

In our post today, we’ll explain the different styles of music boxes. Then, we’ll show you how to use them in the decor of your children’s rooms.

Music boxes

You can find all kinds of music boxes like carousel, rectangular, lidded, wood, pastel and plenty of other designs. If you’re planning on using these beautiful objects in your children’s rooms, be sure to think about the colors and overall decor. The right one will be a lovely decor accessory for your children’s rooms.

music box piano

Simple lidded music box

Simple lidded boxes are the most conventional option. They normally feature a rectangular shape, lid and a winder on one of the sides. When your children wind it up and open the box, they’ll be greeted with a lovely melody. Some of these models are also designed with small decorative details like jewels.

Ballerina music box

Ballerina boxes are perfect for dance-lovers. You can find them in different colors and materials. If your girls have a ballerina-themed room, this kind of music box is just perfect. You can place them on nightstands or on a shelf.

You might find music boxes that are also for jewelry. Your kids can use it to put away their first pairs of earrings and rings. Some boxes feature intricate wooden detail, white and pastel pink colors and a ballerina. Others might have a little lock with a key to go with it. Aside from decorating the room, these boxes will safely store precious objects.

music box ballerina

With a ballerina box, your girls can wind it up and enjoy a soothing melody before going to bed. And if they have a ballet barre, mirror, and white and pink color theme, the box will be the perfect addition to the decor.

Ballerina boxes are the most traditional kind of music box. Decorate your girls’ rooms with this romantically cute and original element.

Carousel boxes are perfect for babies or younger children because they provide musical and physical interaction. If you find one for your little one, try to make sure that it matches with the rest of the decor. Carousel music boxes in pastel tones look absolutely beautiful in these settings. Place them on top of a dresser, shelf or nightstand.

Wooden music box

Wooden music boxes are currently top wish-list items for parents looking for educational toys. That being said, these special wooden boxes are a hot trend. That means you’ll be able to find them easily in stores.

Most of them feature light wood with a little detail in primary colors. They look great on top of white or wooden furniture. You’ll love how much your little ones enjoy them.

music box wooden

Music box with characters or shapes

If your children’s bedroom decor includes a fun character, try looking for a music box to match. There is a huge variety: trucks, dollhouses, princess carriages, Harry Potter and more. One of these special design music boxes could be the perfect decor accessory for bedroom decor.

As you’ve read with us today, decorating your children’s bedrooms with music boxes is actually very easy! You just need to think about their overall room decor and their personal preferences. They’ll love a nice musical addition. Music boxes will ensure children go to bed with a nice melody and safe storage of their treasured items.