The 6 Best Themes for Kids' Bedrooms

Themes in kids bedrooms make it so they can have a wonderful time in their private space, but they also give you a way to buy them things they'll need for their day to day life.
The 6 Best Themes for Kids' Bedrooms

Last update: 09 June, 2019

If you have kids, you’re probably trying to think of ways to make their space as fun and suited to their tastes as possible. So, in this article, we’re going to show you some of the best themes for kids bedrooms. 

Whether they like cars, princesses, pirates, a specific superhero, or just a color…any room can turn into a fantastical, functional space for them to live in!

The 6 best themes for kids’ bedrooms

By a certain age, you probably know what your kids like, what activities they enjoy, and who their favorite characters are. Having all that knowledge can help you pick out the perfect theme for their bedroom. You can also just look at specific themes for kids bedrooms, like some of the ones we’ll show you below.

1. Monsters, Inc. bedroom

A monster's inc. bedroom

This is a kids movie that will always be popular, and kids absolutely love it! The main color with a bedroom in this theme is green because it’s the color of the main character, Mike Wazowski. It could also be turquoise for James Sullivan, the other monster.

Cushions and wall art with the faces of these characters are a great idea. Of course, you can also use the faces of any of the other characters from the movie. The nice thing here is that there are all kinds of Monsters, Inc. things you can buy to decorate your kids’ bedrooms.

2. Fairy tale

A fairy tale bedroom.

If you have a kid who loves fairy tales and fairies like Tinkerbell, this is a great choice. What you’ll do is make their room into an enchanted forest, with trees painted onto the walls. Of course, you’ll also need magic wands, glimmering lights, and bright stars painted onto the ceiling (or glow-in-the-dark adhesives).

You can fill up the dresser with fairy clothes, like ballerina shoes. Oh, and you’ll obviously want pictures or dolls of Tinkerbell and all her friends.

3. Cars

Cars bedroom.

Cars absolutely fascinate little kids (and not so little kids). We bet yours will love having a bed like Lightning McQueen, or one that looks like a garage. The biggest colors in this room are red and blue. You’ll need some white and black checkered flags too, of course.

Having some kind of wall art with all the characters from Cars is a great idea. You could even try finding sheets, curtains, cushions, and towels with movie characters on them. Besides that, add cars, cars, and more cars!

4. Teepee

A bed frame that also acts as a teepee.

Lots of kids love to have dollhouses. Once they get a little older, they might still want to have that as a kind of decoration. It’s super easy to make a structure at the head of the bed. You just put two boards at either side, one at the back, make an A-frame roof, and rest it against the wall. You can even put in shelves or hang a lamp inside!

Another option is to have their bed actually in a dollhouse. In this case, you’ll have to make a more complicated structure, with columns at every corner and an A-frame ceiling. You can also add a little window at the head of the bed so that they feel safer.

5. Jungle theme

Jungle themes for kids bedrooms

If your kid loves animalsyou can turn their room into a real jungle, or forest. Paint a tree with vines and branches onto the wall. Add some palm trees and monkeys, elephants, giraffes, or any other species you might find there. You can make your kid feel like an explorer with tree decorations around the bed, or a rock wall in front of it.

6. The sea

Sea themes for kids bedrooms

Themes related to the sea or the world below it can be great for kids bedrooms. They’re even good for babies because you can add sea creatures like dolphins, tortoises, and colorful fish.

All these themes for kids bedrooms will take time. So plan and do things slowly. It’s much harder to add things later on, but if you want, you can always update the theme as your kids get older!