5 Wall Ideas for Children's Rooms

If you're thinking about a children's decor for a room, or if you want to make a space more kid-friendly, we have some great decor ideas.
5 Wall Ideas for Children's Rooms

Last update: 04 June, 2019

Not sure how to decorate your children’s rooms? Or, do you feel clueless about how to decorate the playroom? We have 5 wall ideas for children’s rooms.

Before getting started, you need to know that the room’s theme and color are going to be fundamental; they’ll be the main decor elements.

You need to make the room a comfortable, fun and pleasant space. You might not think so at first, but a small child will be much happier in his or her room if it’s a charming place.

Idea #1: color

Color is going to be a fundamental that’ll give the room character and style. Depending on the color that you use, the room will have a certain feel.

Which colors are your best options for a children’s room? Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Sky blue: this color creates calm, still and open settings; it produces a nice feeling of spaciousness.
  • Pink: pink is normally reserved for feminine rooms. It creates warmth and a delicate air.
  • Purple: this is a bolder choice. It gives rooms more energy, temperance, and special character.
  • White: purity, cleanliness, amplitude, and austerity.
  • Warm, earthy colors: this color range gives tranquility, stillness, and stability.

The possible sensations that each col or can produce is quite fascinating; they can contribute to your children’s character.

Children room colors

Idea #2: patterns

Patterns can complement a room’s color in addition to its theme and the objects in the room itself. Which patterns are the most popular choices for children’s decor?

  • Geometrical patterns: squares, diamonds or circles– any of these shapes can work perfectly. Whatever the shape, having some color dynamism is key.
  • Spots: small, randomly dotted circles look great on a white background; they can all be the same color or different.
  • Clouds: you should put them against a sky blue background; try making the walls look like the sky.
  • Natural: trees, flowers, mountains, or any other natural element could be a great decor or theme for a room.
  • Themes: depending on what kind of theme you want the room to be, look for relevant patterns: soccer, basketball, cars, animals, houses, stars, etc.
Children's room patterns

Idea #3: wall vinyl decals

These days, many businesses sell decals that have themes for children’s rooms. You can find them in any decor store.

What kinds of advantages do vinyl decals have? One is definitely the simple installation as it can be applied to a wall in a matter of seconds.

Painting walls requires a lot of time, but decals, on the other hand, are easy and quick to put up. Some decal examples to consider are:

  • Animals: animal decals are the most popular option. There are all kinds of colors and cartoon designs, or in other words, designs for children.
  • Nature: flowers, trees, mountains, etc.
  • Disney: an all-time favorite character can be right there on the walls of your child’s room.
  • Movie: you can find famous movie characters or icons from movies like Star Wars.
  • Sports: there are all kinds of options, even soccer teams.
  • Height chart: these are a popular choice. They include a measuring unit to record physical growth.

Aside from these examples, you can also find custom-made decals or ones with themes that can help you set the room decor. You can find many interesting catalogs online.

Children room decal

Idea #4: avoid dark or intense colors

In the world of child psychology, several studies have looked at the effect colors have on children. The results show that children’s rooms should be a space for retreat and tranquility.

Children shouldn’t grow in hyper-stimulation. Instead, they should learn through calmness, activity, and entertainment. In other words, children should know how to manage different moods.

Loud colors, like yellow, intense reds, strong oranges, etc. might cause too much energy in children.

You should help them feel comfortable and relaxed. In light of that, dedicate some time to properly decorate your children’s rooms.

Children should be very familiar with tranquility, calmness and entertainment.

Children's room ambiance

Idea #5: matching the walls with the furniture

The harmony of the entire room is essential. If the room has a certain theme, it needs to be in sync throughout all of the room’s elements; any kind of clash can cause a big decor tension.

If one wall that’s painted, or one with a decal, matches the furniture, you can create a comfortable space that has a fluid decor.

Keep in mind that a small child will spend lots of time in his or her room, whether it’s to sleep, play or rest. So, make sure that it’s cozy.

children's room idea 5