Ideas on How to Decorate Your Daughter's Room

Pink and princesses aren't the only options anymore. Stereotypes and ideas about gender are changing, and decorative schemes are changing with them.
Ideas on How to Decorate Your Daughter's Room

Last update: 28 December, 2018

If you want to decorate your daughter’s room, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, there are no such things as boy and girl colors. So, be open to any color possibilities when you’re decorating her space.

Still, in most cases, girls have a more well-developed sense of style and fashion. They take more interest in the aesthetic parts of their lives.

That doesn’t mean boys can’t or don’t, it’s just not as common.

How to decorate your daughter’s bedroom

Beyond pink

Pink is the most common color when it comes to decorating girls’ bedroomsBut the options have opened up completely in the past few years.

Even colors like blue, which is more traditional in boys’ rooms, have started to gain popularity.

Plus, that’s not the only other color becoming more popular for girls’ bedrooms: green and yellow tones are too.


The most traditional theme people use to decorate their daughter’s room is the princess theme.

Even today, pink princesses are still common, but there are also lots of other princesses in popular culture now that have inspired bedroom decorations. These often involve an entirely different color scheme.

But princesses aren’t the only thing girls nowadays are interested in. Other potential themes include:

  • Sports: track and field, basketball, soccer, horseback riding, etc…
  • Animals: wild animals, butterflies, marine animals…
  • Environments: cities, countrysides, forests…
sporty decorations for a girl's bedroom


The Nordic style has been the most common decorative trend for girls’ rooms in the past few years. 

Because of its basis in light colors, this style also allows you to add pastels, which many girls love.

Two of the main colors this season are mint blue and pale pink. 

The Nordic style makes children’s rooms feel very warm and cozy. The light wood and accessories, like tipis, fur rugs, etc, make it a perfect space for play.


If you want to decorate your daughter’s room properly,  you also need to factor in how old she is. Decorating for a baby and a teenager are two very different things.

Think about what children her age need and decorate based on that.

teenage girl bedroom decoration

You should also think about her interests and put in things that she’ll enjoy. For example, if she loves to paint, you could put in a chalk wall or an easel for her canvases.

Wallpaper is an equally common trend for girls’ and boys’ bedrooms. There are all kinds: flat, textured, with move characters on it, for the whole wall, for just half, etc…

The benefit of using wallpaper is that you can give a nice, personal touch to a room if you choose well.

It’s also much more common nowadays to see unisex bedrooms–ones that can be for a boy or a girl. Stereotypes and gender roles are being left in the past.

The Nordic style is great for this kind of room, especially because of its color scheme (whites, grays, and pastels). It also involves using geometrical shapes as the basis for the rest of the decoration.

wallpaper for child's bedroom


In summary, decorations for children have evolved quite a bit, and unisex decoration is a real possibility. Plus, unisex decoration is far from ugly or boring, it’s entirely the opposite.

It gives you the freedom to fully personalize a bedroom because it doesn’t rely on stereotypes or old ideas about gender. Instead, it focuses on your daughter’s taste, motivations, and interests.

The best style for leaving these stereotypes behind is the Nordic style. The neutral tones and pastel colors are perfect for avoiding the classic “pink is for girls” scheme.

But if you really want to decorate your daughter’s room well, make her as much a part of the process as you can. This will help you get to know her better, and she’ll have a space where she feels comfortable and can be herself.