Natural Decor: Natural Details to Decorate your Home

If you're looking to decorate your home with natural details, here you'll find some great examples of how to do it.
Natural Decor: Natural Details to Decorate your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Are you looking for a fresh, original look for your home? In this article, we’ll show you some important aspects to keep in mind if you want to add some beautiful natural details to your home.

You need to carefully select all the colors, textures and objects for your home. Plus, you need to use them strategically to create a fresh and interesting look.

To create this type of decor in your home, you need to choose the right details. In the next section, we’ll give you some elements to keep in mind so that you can decorate your home with natural elements.

Adding natural details to your home decor

Natural details for bathrooms.

In the world of interior decor, everything related to nature is right on-trend. So, elements made from natural fibers, wood, plants and flowers will be the stars of your interior decor. You need to combine them well to create visual balance without over-filling your space.

Decorating your home with natural fibers

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Natural fibers are essential when it comes to decorating your home in this style. So, wicker, jute, and linen are a great place to start when it comes to choosing the fabrics for your decor. Plus, these fibers will bring a natural and warm feel to every inch of your home.

Wicker baskets

Your can add natural details by using natural fibers like wicker.

Wicker baskets are in and can be used for all kinds of things, and you can use baskets of all different sizes in your home.

Why not use them as a magazine rack in your living room or bedroom, for example? Another way to use these beautiful objects is to use them to store colored blankets that you can use in winter.

Wicker pouffes

Wicker pouffes are beautiful natural details.

Wicker can also be used to make pouffes for your living room. They come in a whole range of different shapes, sizes, and designs. Putting a couple of low wicker puffs around your coffee table is a great idea if you often have guests round. Plus, they’ll bring a really natural feel to your rooms.

Wood is a must-have

Tree trunks are really popular natural details.

Tree trunks are an invaluable ally if you want to decorate your home with natural details.

It is a warm, noble and natural material. Whether decorative or practical elements, you can never go too wrong if you choose wood. You can use it for all kinds of furniture and wooden objects, like tables, chairs, closets…

Tree trunks

Tree trunk tables are the perfect natural details for exteriors.

Tree trunks are elements which are becoming more and more popular in both interior and exterior decorating. You can even use small tree trunks as trays or centerpieces for your tables.

Plus, you can also use tree trunks as nightstands for your bedrooms- and you don’t even need to decorate them. These elements will give your home a natural and rustic look.

Plants, flowers, and terrariums

Light bulb terrariums are an exquisite natural detail.

And last, but definitely not least, house plants are essential if you want to decorate your home with natural elements. Plants are a quintessential feature of this decor style, and one of the most important decorations you can have.

They can bring color and life to any forgotten corner of your home. Large plant pots with broad-leaf plants are perfect for living rooms, for example.

Furthermore, mini terrariums in glass jars can make really beautiful centerpieces for your tables and will allow you to decorate your entire house with plants and flowers.

How to use color

Getting the right color pallet is one of the most important natural details.

As well as the various natural elements you can use to decorate your home, the choice and distribution of colors are essential. The perfect color pallet for natural decor should include light and warm colors, which can be contrasted with fresher tones.

So, painting your walls a neutral color like white, chalk or beige is ideal. This will make it easier to incorporate more colorful tones to brighten up your home.

Wood, wicker or jute tones combined with white is a great look. If you then finish this look with plants, your color pallet will include the following tones:

  • White, chalk or beige
  • Light brown
  • Green

You can then combine them with other, more vibrant decorative elements to add a touch of freshness to your rooms, like blue, orange, and yellow. This will help you create a warmer, more interesting, harmonious and natural environment.

Play around with your favorite colors and complement them with them with the elements we’ve talked about in this article, and you’ll have created beautiful, natural decor for your home.

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