Making Your Home Unmistakably Yours

A home that's truly your own is one that'll reflect who you are, what you like while providing a space for you to unwind. Is you home like that? Check out our post to make it a reality.
Making Your Home Unmistakably Yours

Last update: 03 July, 2019

Everyone wants a home that reflects his or her true self– one that’s truly unique with its special aroma and decor… Learn our decoration tricks that’ll help you create a very personal space.

My home, my temple

personal space home temple

Your personality shines through every one of your actions, how you dress, what you eat, the way you socialize and even your work. But your home also describes you— or at least it should.

Having a picture-perfect home won’t mean anything if you don’t feel comfortable in it. You have to decorate so it feels right and reflects your personality. We know some simple tricks you can try that’ll make you shout “home, sweet home!”

No place like home

personal space no place

If you’re not completely at home in your house, keep in mind that you need to create your home atmosphere using small details.

To get started, find a decor style that you can identify with. Once you know which one it is, you can begin decorating.

You also need to prioritize everything you like doing. In other words, if you enjoy painting, dedicate a space in your home to this and set up your easel, paintings, a stool,  and light the area well.

Or, if you’re into movies and TV shows, don’t think twice about purchasing a good couch. In addition, you’ll need a center table big enough to lay out snacks and some baskets to hold blankets for extra cozy movie nights.

Which colors do you really like? Forget about the color of the year, seasonal fads or trends in general. The most important thing is that everything in your home defines you.

To make sure your home reflects your personality, choose colors that suit you and reflect who you are. If you go against your gut feeling, your home decor won’t be your own.

Regardless of design fads (which all come and go), define each and every one of your home’s rooms. In the living room, use furniture pieces that’ll promote family time and set up bedrooms for relaxation. A kitchen should be a space for anyone to go, as well as a place where you can cook safely. Lastly, a dining room should have room for everyone.

Ideas that scream you

In personal spaces, walls talk

personal space home walls

What you hang on your walls will speak more than anything else about you. Look for posters or original paintings that you like or can identify with. You can find many artists with affordable artwork that will be truly one-of-a-kind for your home.

Building a personal space over time

personal space home time

Creating a home that’s truly your own requires patience. Acquiring your home pieces and elements slowly over time is the best way to make an area truly yours. Take the time to look around stores or flea markets to find details that you love.

Forget about buying everything at a furniture store that only offers one type of material and finish. The charm lies in variety and bringing your home decor together over time will be well worth the wait.


personal space home personalizing

Say “YES” to DIY and give your furniture pieces a personal feel. Check out the best IKEA hacks and to inspire you to change color, pieces, design or function for a personal twist.

The beauty and value of older eras for a personal home

personal space home older era

Decorating your home with antiques is a sure bet for creating a personal setting because no home but yours will have them. Buy them and give them a new look with paint and restoration. Make them into centerpieces and you’ll love how they convert your home into a truly original space.

Our homes speak volumes about us and can be entirely our own if we want them to be. Let yours speak through its furniture and decor; be proud of who you are.