5 Suggestions for a Cinema Style Decor for your Bedroom

If you're a lover of the big screen and want to redecorate your bedroom, you could use one of these ideas perfect for movie buffs. Show how much of a fan you are and make your bedroom into an example for your friends and family!
5 Suggestions for a Cinema Style Decor for your Bedroom

Last update: 29 January, 2019

Are you a lover of the big screen, and want to redecorate your bedroom in honor of your passion? In this article, you’ll find some excellent suggestions for creating the perfect cinema style decor for your bedroom. It will be the envy of all your friends!

Millions of people around the world are cinema fanatics, but some take that love to a new level: they use it to decorate their homes. And we’re not just talking about having one specific room of the house for watching movies on a giant screen. Rather, you can find thousands of decor items based on movies or characters that you can buy for the kitchen, bathroom, living room or even the garden.

If you want to redecorate your bedroom and you’re a real cinema lover, read on. Here you’ll find some inspiring suggestions to create a cinema style decor for your bedroom.

1. Create a cinema style decor for your bedroom with your favorite movie

Maybe you’re a fan of Star Wars, Batman or the Terminator. Or your favorite movie might be Rocky or the Godfather. Well, you will likely have some items already that you could use to decorate your bedroom.

What do you think of hanging movie advertisement posters on your wall, perhaps all based on one theme? Another option is to have replicas of all the main characters of your favorite movie (or at least all the characters you like). You could also choose one wall and turn it into a kind of museum, with objects and paraphernalia related to the movie (suits, pictures, photos, your ticket from the cinema when you first went to see it, etc).

2. Decorate with an old style cinema theme

Maybe your love of the cinema is a little more general. If, for example, you’re a lover of cinema history, you could decorate your bedroom with objects related to the first Charlie Chaplin black and white movies. You could also evoke memories of the age when movies went through huge changes, through the arrival of actors and actresses such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

You could find old movie posters, rolls of film (or make them yourself if you want a DIY project) or film cameras like the ones used in old films, such as those that had a bellows or a fabric cover. You could make your bedroom into a kind of cinema sanctuary, demonstrating to everyone your knowledge of this art form.

3. Decorate your bedroom as if you were a movie director

Maybe your passion for the screen is due in part to a dream of becoming a movie director. In this case, we recommend that you don’t leave out a good director’s chair from your bedroom decor. You know the kind, one of those folding chairs that are found on every movie set, plus a megaphone to give directions and, of course, a clapperboard.

Include a director's chair and a clapperboard for a cinema style decor for your bedroom

4. Imitate a bedroom or theme from a certain movie

Without a doubt, this would be a particularly interesting challenge. You could t ry decorating your bedroom as if you were the main character of your favorite movie. This would be perfect for a cinema style decor for your bedroom. That doesn’t mean of course that you have to recreate the exact bedroom that appeared in the film. A bedroom might not even have been featured in the movie. You could, however, choose objects and colors that imitate the most iconic scenes or decor from the movie.

For example, if you’re a Batman fan, imagine how the bedroom of this multimillionaire superhero would have been. Black, white and yellow are essential. Also, make sure you don’t leave out the lugubrious atmosphere, as if you were inside a cave. Of course, the Batman symbol on the ceiling would be a very original detail.

Based on the same premise, you could make your bedroom into any movie you like. Think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Frozen, Agent 007, Star Wars… it all depends on your level of fandom. We recommend that you look at some rooms of iconic hotels from different parts of the world. Or let your imagination loose and use whatever you have available to create a beautiful and original design!

5. Make your bedroom into a home cinema

Lastly, the perfect idea for a cinema style decor for your bedroom… Who says you can only watch movies when you go to the cinema, or in the living room of your home? Why not install your very own big screen? Make sure you include a comfy sofa (or even set up your bed to use), a popcorn machine and some 3D glasses.

Create your very own home cinema for a cinema style decor in your bedroom

Turn out the lights and immerse yourself in your enjoyment of your favorite pastime. You could even invite guests and have special or themed events, such as May 4th of course.


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