Academic Diplomas - Hang Them in Your Office

You can decorate your office with many different elements, but there's one that's important - your academic diplomas. They show that you obtained one or more college degrees and thus you're a dedicated professional. It also tells people what your credentials are.
Academic Diplomas - Hang Them in Your Office

Last update: 04 October, 2019

If you’d like to give your office an intellectual look then simply frame your academic diplomas and hang them on the wall. This type of decor is not too complex to carry out. In fact, it’s a way to show your academic achievements to anyone who visits your office.

So, you can take your academic diplomas out of the drawer. Because, what’s the point of going to college if you can’t show off what you got out of it!

The aesthetics of academic diplomas

Three academic diplomas on the wall.

Obviously, you display your academic diplomas because you’re proud of your achievements. Graduating from college takes a lot of work and not everyone gets there. When you display your diplomas you show what you’ve achieved through effort and sacrifice.

In addition, you’ll add an air of seriousness and formality to your office. An air of wisdom that no other rooms in your home will have. One that reflects the function of this space dedicated to studying, research, meetings, and work.

There’s no doubt that hanging an academic diploma on the wall is a representation of you as a professional. That is, it’s a way of showing your personal taste, your dedication and the profession that you chose.

“Take pride in your effort, perseverance, and dedication by showing your academic diplomas.”

Should you hang every diploma you have?

There are many types of academic diplomas, some are easier to obtain than others. The ones you should definitely put up for the world to see are:

  • Master’s and Ph.D. degrees: These diplomas are at the top in terms of importance. They don’t only reveal your expertise but also your diligence and your professional and intellectual success.
  • Bachelor’s or undergraduate degree diplomas are an identifying element of your dedication and study. Of what you’ve achieved through a lot of effort.
  • Professional training and other professional certifications. These degrees reflect the professional skills you obtained, the same that also require both physical and intellectual abilities.

Framing your academic diplomas

Three academic diplomas on the wall.

Before you hang your diploma you must know where you want to place it. Generally, they hang behind your office chair and your desk. This is so anyone who sits in front of you can see you first and then your academic achievements in the background.

  • Frame it. Due to the nature of the paper, you should place your diploma behind glass and a frame. Opt for a brown frame in order to better highlight the contents of the document.
  • Why choose brown? Because it adds sobriety, energizes and is also pleasing to the eye. In contrast, if you were to choose black then the effect would be a bit too much.
  • The glass: It’s important to properly attach the diploma behind the glass. Also, make sure there aren’t any wrinkles, bends, or air bubbles. Opt for matte glass so it doesn’t reflect too much light. It would make it hard to read the diploma from any point within the room.

There are many framing shops out there and some of them specialize in academic degrees. Let them do the work for a more polished look.

How many academic diplomas are too many?

A rolled-up diploma.

Keep in mind that hanging every diploma you have won’t make your wall interesting but quite the opposite. Don’t hang anything unless it’s pretty relevant to who you are or to your profession. You don’t want to come across as pedantic and lose credibility.

So, how many should you hang? Choose the two or three diplomas that you consider most relevant and telling in regard to your academic and professional achievements. They should describe you and your specialty. One meaningful diploma is better than ten irrelevant ones.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

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