5 Decor Styles for Home Offices

We all have an office desk at home. Whether it's for studies or work, decorating it is essential for feeling comfortable at your desk.
5 Decor Styles for Home Offices

Last update: 20 February, 2019

Decorating a home office isn’t an easy task. You’ll need a clear of idea of what you like and the style that fits you.

We all have a style that characterizes us, but sometimes embodying it can be tricky. Being able to work comfortably in an area with colors that identify us is key. Additionally, having comfortable furniture and storage space are all ideal goals for creating a nice workspace.

While some people might have an entire room dedicated to work, most of us have to make the most of a small corner in our bedroom or living room. But don’t worry: size isn’t the most important factor for decorating your home office. The keys are the objects, colors, and furniture that you choose to create personality and a pleasant place to work.

So, we’d like to present 5 styles for decorating a home office.

Office desk 1


The Nordic style is characterized by its simplicity, neutral colors and straight lines. White furniture is the ideal choice in this style.

  • Wood: wood is the key here. If you already have a wooden desk, use it. If not, you can add a wooden accessory or frame on the wall.
  • Use the color green: plants revive spaces. Try using a small flower pot on the edge of your desk. It could be a small, white pot with a green, leafy plant or you could even use a picture with plant motifs.
  • Fabrics: keep a small blanket on the back of your chair or a fur rug under it. Fabrics will highlight the Nordic style in your home office.

Don’t overwhelm the space. If you want this style to reign in your work corner, remember that simplicity is the first rule.


The industrial style is original and full of character. It tends to create colder settings because of the metal and iron (materials that are characteristic of this style), so don’t forget to add in some wood. Wood will bring warmth into the area and work perfectly with the iron and metal.

  • Wooden desk: you could use a wooden table with iron legs. This kind of piece is widely-used and characteristic in industrial style settings.
  • Use wooden shelves: if you need storage space, you can try setting up some wooden shelves. They’ll go perfectly with your desk.

The industrial style moves away from the minimalist look, which has light colors and boasts simplicity. Instead, weathered finishes, iron, aged wood and objects full of personality pump character into a setting and create the decor for an industrial look.

office desk 2


The vintage look mainly goes hand-in-hand with antiques. You could restore an office desk or chair. Paint it with an aged finished, add some color and you’re done!


The eco-friendly style is one of the easier styles to create. It uses elements that respect the environment. So, you could recycle and repurpose objects. For example, you could set up a desk with pallets. On the same train of thought, you could also decorate with dried plants and flowers.


The Boho style pulls elements together from different cultures. The key lies in using hanging objects. If you already have a desk and storage systems, try hanging plants on the wall.

Boho is original, free and very creative. Fabrics with color patterns are also another Boho option. You could add a colorful cushion to your work chair and for the rest of the room, a mix of white, black, grays and contrasting bold colors.

Before you start decorating your home office, the most important thing is to consider the space as a whole. Creating a style means using objects, colors, furniture, accessories, lighting and other factors to make a whole.

Feeling comfortable, free and organized while working is fundamental. So, what could be better than finding the style that fits you while being able to work comfortably? Take a good look at what you have at home and familiarize yourself with these styles. Maybe you already have your style and just need to reinforce it a tad to give it more character.