Eco-Friendly Umbrella Holders: Beautiful Ideas

Need an umbrella holder for your home but aren't sure which one to choose? In our post today, we'll show you some beautiful eco-friendly models that you can try.
Eco-Friendly Umbrella Holders: Beautiful Ideas

Last update: 26 January, 2019

Eco-friendly umbrella holders are a great idea for your home’s entrance way. It’s not just because they’re created with environmentally friendly materials, but these days, umbrella holders can also be multi-functional.

Before, umbrella holders only kept wet umbrellas from dripping onto the floor. But today, they’re also very practical containers.

Similar to many products of modern design, eco-friendly umbrella holders barely take up any space and are aesthetically pleasing and original; that means nobody will forget to grab an umbrella before leaving home.

Below, we’ll explain about the different kinds of eco-friendly umbrella holders that you can add to your home.

Originality and sound conscience

Just like we mentioned earlier, eco-friendly umbrella holders are made with materials such as bamboo (the choice ecological material) or pieces that have been recycled from other objects.

Contrary to what people might think, these types of materials can create a very sophisticated setting. After all, just because something is eco-friendly doesn’t mean that it’s poor quality.

If you’d like to make your own umbrella holder, you can check out our ideas below. The most important thing is trying to reuse materials that don’t have to be thrown out, like plastic bottles.


Eco-friendly umbrella holder ideas

1. Planters

Our first idea calls for a rectangular or square-shaped containers that are made from wood, cement or another resistant material, or in other words, a planter. The planter umbrella holder uses a U-shaped structure on top of the planter to hang the umbrellas.

Water will fall from the wet umbrellas down onto the planter, watering the plants. To complete the “natural” look, you can also set up a shelf with small plants over the umbrella holder.

You can find these kinds of umbrella holders in different shapes, sizes and materials. You could even make it yourself. This umbrella holder will give your entrance way some originality.

2. Glass jars

Our second idea for an umbrella holder is quite similar to the former, but it uses a different container. Instead of a planter, this idea calls for a glass container that’s filled with earth, rocks and plants.

To make it, you just need to select a big glass jar, such as a demijohn, and fill it with rocks, sand and dirt (in that order) along with some plants. You shouldn’t fill it entirely with plants because you’ll need some empty spaces to anchor the tops of the umbrellas.

You’ll need to keep the jar in a corner, preferably away from transit areas. Otherwise, someone could accidentally run into it and break it.

3. Pot umbrella holder

Unlike the previous ideas, this umbrella holder is the classic pot shape. However, it also has a mini-pot in the lower front part that is like a little pocket.

The second pot acts like a second drainage system. It keeps plants from rotting from an excess of water. If you live in a rainy area, you should look for plants that need a lot of water in order to make the most out of this watering system.

umbrella 2

4. Crates or containers

Wooden or plastic crates and containers that are used for fruits or other products can also make for a great umbrella holder.

Apply a thin layer of varnish to protect the wood from the humidity. If you don´t do this the water from the umbrellas could harm and rot the wood.

Umbrella 3

Use umbrella holders in your entrance way!

These beautiful, eco-friendly umbrella holders will give your home’s entrance a natural and original air. As you’ve seen today, you can buy them or make them yourself with just a few materials.

You can also design your own eco-friendly umbrella holder with the materials you have at home.

Try to reuse things that you already have and make a simple structure. Then, you can keep your floors dry, adorn your entrance way and give your umbrellas a beautiful yet functional home.