6 Decor Ideas for Your Study or Home Office

Your study should be perfectly decorated-- and we're not just talking about aesthetics. Your decor should create the perfect setting for concentration.
6 Decor Ideas for Your Study or Home Office

Last update: 17 March, 2023

You should follow a set of essential decor pointers to make your study or home office as efficient and simple as possible.

In our post today, we’ll fill you in on how to make this room as comfortable as possible and adaptable to your needs.

1. The desk, a fundamental element in a home office

desk study

Your work desk needs to be big enough to hold everything you need.

If your desk isn’t as big as you were hoping for, we suggest looking for one that has drawers and mini drawer unit that you could use under your desk.

They’ll help store everything you need and will keep them at an arm’s reach. Look for a desk that matches the colors and materials of your other furniture pieces.

2. A proper chair for your study

chair study

If you have a study or a home office, it’s because you spend a lot of time studying or working. In light of that, you should look for  a comfortable chair to avoid back problems over time.

We recommend chairs with a high enough back to support your head as well to prevent neck problems.

3. Use a cork or chalkboard on the wall

cork board study

While you’re working or studying, you might start to think of different ideas about your current task or something completely different.

You should jot them down when you think of them to remember them, which is why we suggest hanging a cork board to post notes; or, try a chalkboard to write them down on the spot. They won’t take up any space because you can hang them right on the wall.

If you want to decorate your study walls even more, you can also try decorative vinyls. Motivating phrases could help you get through the hardest parts of your work or studies.

4. Desktop must-haves

If you’re a decor-nut, we know that you want to fill your desk with decorative objects. But they’ll make it harder for you to concentrate.

Instead, we recommend keeping jars with only the things that you absolutely need like pens or pencils. Brighten up your work zone by creating your own decorative jars.

If you have a big desk, use a drawer unit on top to hold even more material, or just to decorate your desk. Look for a set that has your favorite colors and materials.

5. Lighting in your study

lighting study

Try placing your desk as close to a window as possible to take advantage of natural light and keep your eyes healthy.

If that’s not possible, or if you need more light for whatever reason, try using a table flex lamp on your desk as well. Table flex lamps are also decorative as they come in diverse shapes and colors; choose your favorite.

Match the colors of the flex lamp to the colors of your jars and create a harmony of colors to decorate your study.

6. Decorating your study with shelves

If you can set up shelves on your wall next to your desk, they’ll be great for storing files or any other work document. They’ll also give another decorative touch to your study.

You could decorate them with a personal photo, or if you’re a plant-lover, small plants. Cacti are the most popular option for these types of rooms because they eliminate radiation from computers.

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