Original Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboards are already original decor pieces. But if you want a one-of-a-kind decor, use it in a new way to decorate your home.
Original Chalkboard Ideas

Last update: 09 May, 2019

Chalkboards have become popular accessories. In the past, we often saw a chalkboard in schools. They were also common sights in cafés, restaurants, banks and other locations.

Apart from being essential for writing down reminders, calculations, plans, directions and other pieces of information, chalkboards are now popular for aesthetic purposes as well like calligraphy and drawing.

In our post today, we have ideas for an original, head-turning chalkboard. You’ll love how they take creativity a step further.

Should you buy or make your chalkboard?

Office supply stores aren’t the only places where you can buy chalkboards anymore. You can also find them in home accessory or even home decoration stores. There are many different kinds of chalkboard models. Some of them don’t even look like chalkboards because they don’t have a traditional color (black, green, white).

chalkboard colors 1

If you’re a fan of crafts, try making your own with a simple product: chalk paint. You can give porous surfaces the same traditional chalkboard effect by applying a couple of coats and letting it dry sufficiently.

Chalk paint isn’t just available in traditional colors; there’s a wide variety that allows you to decorate your rooms more originally. Some of the hottest colors are turquoise, purple, magenta, beige, green, and orange.

The visual contrast of white chalk on the colorful chalkboard is striking.

There are also chalkboard crafts that are frameless for a modern feel. On the other hand, people who opt for a frame look for innovative designs and can dig through old picture or photo frames.

Original chalkboard ideas for your home

chalkboard original ideas

Instead of hanging a chalkboard on the wall or setting one up on a stand in the kitchen, study or wherever, try these ideas:

  • Main wall. Paint a wall with chalk paint and in the middle, hang a pictureless frame. Draw or write something in the middle of the frame. It’ll look very original.
  • Between your garden plants. Gardens aren’t a common place for chalkboards so this idea will really get heads turning. You can also add a golden baroque style frame for added detail. Use it to write down watering days or draw a lunar calendar.
  • Storage cabinet or set of drawers. Try planting a storage cabinet entirely, or just a section, with chalk paint to create a canvas where you can unleash your creativity.
  • On the porch. Just like libraries, restaurants, cafés, and stores set up a chalkboard out front, you can set yours up on the porch with a welcoming message.
  • Folding screen. If you’re looking for something original and multi-functional, this could be a great idea for you. Paint a folding screen with chalk paint and create a beautiful accessory that serves a purpose as well.
  • On a door. If you can hang your chalkboard, set it up on your door to make a sign. An “open” sign would look very cute on a kitchen door.
  • Dining table. In a picture frame, chalkboards can become table centerpieces with a message like “Bon Appetit!” or a short recipe.

You can use chalkboards as a main or complementary decor accessory.

chalkboard ideas

Final notes

Erasing chalk usually creates dust so use a damp cloth to wipe your chalkboard. Or, just simply avoid placing it over rugs or furniture to keep them clean.

For example, don’t place your chalkboard on the main wall of a bedroom where the headboard is because the dust could fall onto the pillows and cause allergies.

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