4 Tips for Choosing an Office Storage System

Every office needs a proper storage system. Learn about the variety and how you can make one.
4 Tips for Choosing an Office Storage System

Last update: 11 March, 2023

A good storage system is key for keeping an office in order. While it’s true that more people are storing important documents electronically, there’ll always be a need to store important physical copies. Take a look at our tips for choosing the best storage system for your office and keep all your important documents and items organized.

Our tips will help you make the best choice for the items that you want to store. Remember that the right storage system will help you keep everything accessible in the shortest amount of time.

1. How many things do you need to keep?

Before purchasing an office storage system, you should first think about the amount and sizes of the items that you want to store. Your storage system– closet, file cabinet or shelf– should be big enough to fit everything you have in mind.

We recommend buying a size that’s slightly bigger than what you think you’ll need. It’ll provide extra space to store away other things as well. Additionally, buying bigger will prove helpful over time and won’t run out of space.

Consider how many items you’re planning to store in your storage system and find the best spot for it. If you only plan on storing files, reports or documents, you might be able to fit your storage system right in your office to have everything at an arm’s reach.

On the other hand, if you have a considerable amount of documents and plan on sharing the system with other people as well, consider keeping everything in a separate room. Using a set of shelves with organized folders or file cabinets will work best for organization and communal use.

2. What kind of objects will you be storing?

Think about what kind of elements you want to store. Depending on what they are, you should purchase a certain kind of storage system or another. If you want to store small items, a small drawer cabinet will suffice. But if you want to store documents, browse different file cabinet and closet models.

Or, if you want to store big items, shelves are your best options. Shelves can come in all shapes and materials, so you’ll definitely find one that’s perfect for your office.

3. A storage system that’s at an arm’s reach

Another factor to think about is accessibility. If you’re planning on storing documents or folders that you’ll need on a daily basis, try keeping them nearby. Keeping your storage system at an arm’s reach will help you work more comfortably and more efficiently.

A great option is a set of small drawers. They have good storage capacity and fit under your office desk. Some models feature wheels for easy moving. They’re the perfect addition to the drawers that already come with office desks. If your office desk doesn’t have the space you need, consider a set of small drawers.

Roll door storage cabinets are another great optionThey don’t require a lot of space thanks to their door design and have a good storage capacity. You can open them easily and keep your files ordered by name and date.

4. Should you leave them in sight or hide them away?

Before buying a storage system, you should also think about if you want to keep it in sight or out of sight. Ultimately, it’ll depend on the elements that you want to store. And if you have clients, guaranteeing their privacy is another important factor.

For example, if you work with bills or personal documents, you should look for an option that stays out of sight. We recommend a closet with doors. You can use shelves or tracks to fit in file organizers.

If you want maximum security, consider a system that features a security lock or code built on its door. They’re more expensive than standard options, but they’ll ensure that files are kept safe.