Creative Ways to Organize and Store your Keys

If you're constantly losing your keys, you've got to take a look at some of our ideas for storing them away safely. You'll never have to search for them again.
Creative Ways to Organize and Store your Keys

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Where are my keys? If you’re reading this, then it’s probably because you’re one of those people who never knows where you’ve left them, and you have to spend hours searching the house from top to bottom. So, how about if we find a solution to this problem? In this article, we’ll give you some ideas on how to organize and store your keys.

Start by getting them organized

Who doesn’t have a drawer filled with random keys? You probably don’t even know what they open anymore. So, the first thing you need to do is come up with a system which allows you to know what they open and where they are at all times.

Keep your keys on hooks.

1. Gather up all of your keys, and start trying them out in locks around your house to find out what they open. Be careful! Maybe your neighbors gave you a spare in case they got locked out. Before you start throwing them out, make absolutely sure they don’t belong to anyone.

2. You can classify them by how often you use them. You almost certainly use your front door and car keys on a daily basis. Maybe you use the door to your storage room once a month. This way, you’ll be able to decide which keys you carry with you, and which you can leave behind.

3. Never carry two of the same key on the same key chain. If you lose them both, it’ll be a real nightmare. So, put them on separate key chains and leave one somewhere safe.

4. Once you’ve put your keys on different key chains, label them so you don’t forget what they’re for.

Organize and store your keys according to how often you use them

It's important to get your keys organized.

Once you’ve organized and labeled your keys, it’s time to store them away depending on how often you use them.

Key you use every day

To avoid any careless mistakes and to stop your busy life from tripping you up, choose a set place to keep your keys. Preferably, it should be somewhere near the door. If several people in your household own a set of keys, you can leave them all in the same place, as long as you can identify whose is whose.

Get into the habit of keeping them in the same pocket whenever you leave the house. If you usually take a bag with you, try to put them in the same compartment or in a purse, or you can even attach them to the handle. This will help you avoid having to spend hours rummaging around at the bottom of your bag.

Original ways to identify your keys

Decorate your keys so you can identify them.

1. Paint them! You can use nail polish to paint the top of your keys, choosing a different color depending on what they’re for. Pink could be for the front door, green for bedrooms, yellow for the garage…

2. You can wrap them in colored thread, sticking it down with glue. This is a really original and decorative look.

3. Another option is to use washi tape, which is quick, easy and beautiful.

Original ideas for storing your keys

A key rack is a great way to organize your keys.

You can really let your creative juices flow, and combine different elements so that your keys are always on hand when you need them. If you’re a fan of DIY, why not make your own key chains and holders out of wood, leather, metal, cardboard, ceramic… Choose the material and design you like best.

If arts and crafts aren’t really your thing, don’t worry! You can buy really original key chains and holders in stores, or really simple ones that you can personalize to make them your own.

  • A natural fiber basket or a nice decorative box: if you have a small table or another surface in your entrance hall where you usually use your mail or shopping, you could put a bowl or basket there for your keys. This will help keep them safe and stop you from losing them.
  • Hooks can be great for keys as well as jackets, especially if you add a few smaller ones so that you can find them quickly and easily whenever you need them.
  • If you don’t have much space in your entrance hall, a simple wooden shelf will do. Decorate it with a plant, add some small hooks to the front and you’re all set! Quick, easy and original.
  • You can also buy the typical key hook racks, which are pre-made and ready to use. It’ll simply depend on your personal taste and the style of your home.

Organizing and storing your keys away properly will mean you’ll never lose them again, and you can decorate your home with a useful and practical element.