Organic Ceramic: 4 Objects for your Home

Learn all about organic ceramic, the different decorations you can find on the market, and how to use these beautiful objects to decorate your home.
Organic Ceramic: 4 Objects for your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Organic ceramic is famous for its use in creating unique and beautiful objects, using a fantastic array of traditional materials and techniques. The final product, and even the process itself, are well-known for their unparalleled beauty.

Vases, jars, cups, mugs, plates, sculptures… There are thousands of different organic ceramic decorations that you can use in and around your home.

With ceramic decorations, it’s easy to create original, on-trend decor for your home. In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite ceramic objects that you can use to decorate your home in style.

Organic ceramic decorations

With its rustic, organic look, ceramic objects maintain close ties to nature.

Ceramic is known for its use in the creation of both decorative and practical objects. Its rustic look means these objects maintain close ties with the natural world.

They traditionally have clean, rounded shapes, and textures which closely resemble natural surfaces. The most common colors you’ll find with this type of ceramic are cream, chalk, beige, green and blue.

Ceramic decorations: common designs

There are two main types of ceramic objects: figurative and abstract. Figurative designs are those which attempt to recreate a natural element. Like, for example, a leaf, snail, bird or raindrop.

The more abstract pieces, on the other hand, have less defined, more organic shapes, which don’t really imitate anything in particular. The most important thing when it comes to abstract designs is the use of materials, techniques, colors, and textures.

Decorative and practical objects

Whether purely decorative or highly practical, you can find many organic ceramic items on the market. In this next section, we’ll show you 4 great ceramic objects that you could buy for your home.

1. Owls

Ceramic owls are a charming and original way to decorate your home.

Owls are really on trend in the world of interior decor. Buying some ceramic owls in all different shapes, sizes and colors could be a really fantastic look for your home.

Why not display them on a shelf in your living room, for example? Or in your entrance hall? This is a really charming way to greet any guests who come to visit.

2. Vases

Buy a selection of ceramic vases and brighten up those forgotten corners of your home.

Brighten up your home with a beautiful organic ceramic vase. One great option is to buy a couple of medium-sized or large vases and display them in some forgotten corner. If you combine two or three green-toned vases, for example, they’ll help to bring a touch of color and freshness to your home.

Add some fresh flowers or dried branches for the perfect finishing touch. 

3. Bowls

Ceramic bowls come in all sorts of interesting and original designs.

Ceramic bowls are really common household objects which are an essential part of any kitchen. They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Choose the ones you like best, and decorate your table with these beautiful hand-crafted objects.

4. Plates

Ceramic plates are an essential part of any kitchen.

And let’s not forget about ceramic plates. They’re characterized by their original designs, faded vintage-style colors and their gleaming glazed finish. You can find them in all different shapes: round, square, rectangular, or even some more irregular shapes.

One option is to buy a large plate and add decorations to create a beautiful centerpiece for your table.

As you can see, you can find lots of different organic ceramic objects on the market these days. They are often handmade, exclusive designer pieces, full of style and creativity.

So, if you’re looking to give your home a unique and natural look, ceramic decorations might be exactly what you need. Choose the objects you like best and decorate your home in style.