7 New Ways to Modernize a Rustic Look

Do you want to modernize a rustic look room? With these simple tips, you'll be able to transform your home!
7 New Ways to Modernize a Rustic Look

Last update: 14 November, 2020

There’s nothing better than adding a piece of the countryside to your home. In fact, this creates an immediate state of calm and welcomes you. We’re going to offer you some modern ways to update the rustic look.

Although it never goes out of style, the truth is there are ways to update the rustic look to make your home feel more up-to-date. So are you ready for a design facelift?

1. A little color to modernize the rustic look

Although neutral tones prevail in this style, to give it a more modern touch we recommend adding more intense colors. This brings freshness and vitality to the environment.

Blues are a great choice in any shade. Consider Classic Blue, the Pantone Institute color of the year, and you’ll see how good it looks with grays, beiges, and whites.

Black can help modernize a rustic look.

2. Black in small doses

If you think of a color that symbolizes modernity, black will definitely come to mind. In fact, that’s why we recommend adding bits of black to your home. Use some great black accessories, which will look even better if you combine them with metallic finishes. Also, consider metallic black lamps.

3. Modernize the rustic look with the perfect pairing

If there’s a pairing that best represents this look it’s wood and natural fibers. Together, they make you think of nature and also project the warmth of the rustic style.

Instead of the dark tones and rough finishes of the traditional style, the modern version uses lighter, smooth woods. Also, these natural fibers are no longer just for small accessories. Instead, you can use them for large lamps, rugs, or poufs, such as ones made of jute.

A modern rustic look for the living room.

4. White wood to modernize the rustic look

One way to update your home and make it brighter is by painting the woodwork white. You already know that this a favorite material in this style, but by painting it white, you’ll create an updated, harmonious style.

Also, by combining it with other finishes, such as stone or textured fabrics like linen, burlap, or cotton, you’ll be sure to end up with a great design.

5. Update your furniture

Most of the decoration is defined by wooden furniture. As we already mentioned, the tones have changed, and also the shapes. While curves and ornamental styles prevail in the traditional rustic style, nowadays we are looking to linear shapes with Nordic inspiration. Simplicity and practicality take center stage.

A modern living room.

6. Prints to modernize the rustic look

In the past, floral patterned wallpapers were common. However, now we’re moving towards small touches of nature through paintings and bedding.

Try looking for modern designs with typical, natural colors, such as green, earth tones, and shades of pink.

7. Reinventing kitchens

You can find beautiful, modern designs that preserve the rustic aesthetic. So to simulate this homey style, we recommend you use it in your kitchen to create an amazing look!

Rustic pairs well with the industrial style so consider adding lamps  and combining it with more modern, technological pieces, such as Silestone for countertops or subway tiles on the walls. The results will be spectacular!

You already have all the tips to achieve a rustic look with a more modern feel Now you just need to put it into practice in your home! Don’t forget to fill every corner with beautiful textiles. Make your home soft and cozy both to the touch and sight, as well as with the scents.

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