5 Ideas to Give a Modern Rustic Style to your Home

Here's a step by step guide to give your home a modern rustic feel.
5 Ideas to Give a Modern Rustic Style to your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Decorating in a modern rustic style is a popular choice nowadays. This decorative style mixes modern and efficient architecture and rustic vintage elements.

The result is up-to-date and functional homes with a touch of nostalgia. Although one part of this looks into the future, another part uses the robust materials, objects, and quality elements of the past.

To get this appealing and cozy effect, here are five ideas to give your home that modern rustic style.

A modern rustic style in a bathroom.

1. Walls covered with stone

This is a popular choice because you can do it anywhere in your home. Usually, people cover one wall and paint the rest. Another option is to cover up to one meter of every wall.

Don’t overcrowd the setting and you’ll get an aesthetic result you’ll love. The stones aren’t real, but the effect is.

2. Wooden beams in the modern rustic style

Beams are a basic element in a home with rustic characteristics. This was the method people used to raise the foundations of their homes. Nowadays, though, beams are also used as a decorative element.

This means that the building follows current construction methods. Then, as a decorative element, beams are added to the ceiling. The result is aesthetic and looks particularly great in homes of the industrial design.

A modern rustic home with a fireplace.

3. A fireplace made of bricks or stone

When you think of rustic homes, one of the first things that pop into your mind is a fireplace. In the past, this was one of the few options to keep warm at home. Now, fireplaces are still popular, although they’re mostly used as decoration.

You can choose between a real fireplace or a decorative one. The latter can be very convincing, you can find those with flames almost as genuine as the real thing.

For a modern rustic home, choose a fireplace made of bricks or stone. If you choose other types of materials, these can look too modern and you won’t get the style you want.

4. Rustic decorative elements

The key for a modern rustic home is to keep it looking contemporary, but with a few rustic elements.

For example, you can use ropes, horseshoes, or pots. Any vintage or old thing that gives a rustic vibe works. This will add contrast to the modern elements in your home.

Rustic and vintage fabrics.

5. Creating a modern rustic style using fabrics

Lastly, you can use fabric to achieve a modern rustic home. Use carpets, cushions or curtains to add that rustic touch.

To do this, use vintage fabrics, in brown or green tones, to evoke nature. Sackcloth or wool are perfect for this.

Take these ideas into account to create a modern, rustic style home. Remember to not overcrowd the space and keep the modern aesthetic. Then, just add a few rustic elements and you’ll be set.