Designs and Materials of Rustic Home Exteriors

Take a look at these rustic home exteriors to discover the wide variety of possibilities. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and budget.
Designs and Materials of Rustic Home Exteriors

Last update: 15 January, 2020

Home exteriors are one of the most important elements in any house. Aside from protecting against adverse weather conditions, exteriors are the image that we project to the outside world. That’s precisely why you have to look not only for visually-pleasing finishes but sturdy materials as well.

Remember, your exteriors say a lot about your home. They’re the image that you show to your neighbors, friends, family members, and guests. Make sure to take care of your exteriors by choosing high-quality materials and nice designs. Ugly exteriors that lack decor or the proper care will give a poor impression. Make your home a pleasant one by starting with its exteriors.

1. Country home with stone exterior

rustic home exteriors stone

The first rustic home exterior example today is a classic that we couldn’t leave off our list – stone exteriors. Stone is an expensive material but very sturdy. If you do go for stone, be prepared to make a big investment. However, stone exteriors will give you peace of mind because this is the strongest material around.

Stone exteriors are perfect for maintaining the right temperatures in a home. In the summer, they keep heat out and in the winter, protect from the cold.

You should also be aware that there is a lot of variety. You can browse different prices, shapes, and colors until you find the perfect choice for your home. The image above shows a simple yet resilient stone option.

Visually, the results are anything but boring. You can appreciate the different climbing plants that give the house a gorgeous yet homey atmosphere. If you want to apply this look to your home, check out this post on climbing plants.

2. Wood exteriors, perfect for a rustic home

rustic home exteriors wood

Not many materials can boast a warm, cozy quality like wood can; it’s what makes wood so popular for rustic home exteriors. Wood is also an easy way to bring nature into a home.

Wood comes in many forms, sizes, and colors. The final price will depend on the type of wood you use as well as its thickness. But in general, wood is a cheaper option for home exteriors that stone.

While the techniques for applying wooden planks have made them much more resilient than in the past, there’s still room to improve. Wood exteriors require occasional maintenance to prevent them from deteriorating.

In the image above, the home boasts an exterior with light wood planks that match splendidly with the door and windows. By allowing the light colors to shine, the home feels integrated into the nature that surrounds it.

The home also has a big front yard that helps enhance the atmosphere further.

3. Concrete exteriors never go out of style

rustic home exteriors cement

While concrete might not be the most beautiful option in the world, it’ll always be in style. Rustic concrete home exteriors will always be around for country or even modern homes.

Concrete is economical and super sturdy. Also, it doesn’t require any kind of maintenance and stands the test of time. Its durability makes it an obvious choice for many country homes.

In the image above, study how decor accessories can make all the difference. If you love gardening, your home facade will be the perfect place to show off all of your favorite flowerpots. Try making different compositions by hanging them at different heights or use big pots to decorate the lower wall.

If you still think concrete is boring try lining the doors and windows with bricks or another element that can jazz up your decor. Just look at the image again to see how beautiful this looks on a rustic home.