Mixing Bohemian and Rustic Styles in Home Decor

Mixing two styles isn't just a random use of everything, but instead choosing objects that attract attention and go well together.
Mixing Bohemian and Rustic Styles in Home Decor

Last update: 04 October, 2020

By mixing Bohemian and rustic styles, you can achieve an original distinction. You’ll have a unique distinguished design, which, also, will give a lot of character to your home.

Is it possible to mix different styles to get a single look? If this question is on your mind then it’s time to focus on the right approach. This way, you can get an effective and coherent result.

When you pursue an alternative style that’s at the same time refined, different ideas may come to mind that are easy to work with but that, deep down, we don’t know how to put into practice.

What do the bohemian and rustic styles have in common?

A Bohemian and rustic living room.

When it comes to defining each of these styles, it’s important to know they have many things in common. When there’s a harmony between two types of decoration, it’s much easier to work with and you get a very unique and attractive result.

On one hand, the Bohemian style is framed within non-conformist parameters, following aesthetic lines that aren’t conventional, breaking with conservative ideas, and going in a direction that’s not the norm.

As for the rustic style, it has a clear relationship with the world of villages, the countryside, and the traditional. In this case, there’s a harmony with nature, extracting its colors and resorting to an appearance that’s based on concepts of simplicity, discretion, and sobriety.

It’s time to change and look for something that renews the home’s image.

Objects you can use to mix these styles

Some rustic cow bells.

Once you have the precise notions of these styles, it’s time to evaluate what objects can be used and how they can be mixed to provide a common theme. To do this, follow these ideas:

  1. Just because the two styles are mixed doesn’t mean the look should be messy. It isn’t a matter of using as many decor items as you can, but quite the opposite. That is, using the most eloquent items and offering a singular meaning.
  2. In a living room, the sofa plays an important role. It can have a striking and psychedelic appearance, but you can also place some leather seats, whether they’re chairs, beanbags, or armchairs.
  3. The lamp is another very important focal point. It should be striking, with a shade that stands out, especially if it’s made of a material that breaks with tradition.
  4. Also, carpets play a very important role. The best choice is those with geometric, linear, or traditional patterns. They cover a wide area of the room and are visually striking.
  5. Another important factor is the curtains, which should be a light tone and a translucent material so that the greatest amount of natural light can enter. This will enhance the entire room.

How to use colors

A modern living room in an old home.

By mixing the Bohemian and rustic styles, you have a very expansive palette of colors that’ll allow you to use your creativity. The most important thing of all is that you combine and try to establish different chromatic contrasts.

For the walls, whites can work very well, alongside other colors like cream, ivory, and beige. This way, you can place other items in the rest of the room that are of warm and cold colors.

It doesn’t matter if you mix them, but it’s a good idea that the warmer colors are the ones that have more dominance since the objective is to create a certain warmth and temperance in the environment. A common feature of both styles is wooden floors.

Other interesting objects for mixing Bohemian and rustic

A person making some pottery.

To enrich rooms colorfully, you can use souvenirs from your trips, pottery, paintings on the walls, farm tools, and, of course, plants that provide a green touch.

In short, it isn’t a matter of relying on or falling into an eclectic style. Instead, however, by using things you like and that can define a style that is different and picturesque. This way, you’ll be able to correctly mix the Bohemian and rustic styles.


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