Great Nature-Inspired Decor Ideas

Give your home a breath of life with nature-inspired decor. Read on to discover amazing ideas!
Great Nature-Inspired Decor Ideas

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Today, for many of us, it’s very difficult to enjoy the tranquility and harmony of nature, especially for those who live in cities and away from green areas. This is why we decided to show you how to achieve the peace the countryside transmits with nature-inspired decor.

Often, people aren’t aware of how much nature can influence the interior design of a home, from the colors to the textures.

We’re going to focus on the main sources of inspiration to get ideas from, whether plants, animals, or minerals, to improve the interior design of your home.

How to match colors for nature-inspired decor

A home decorated in green.

You can bring a breath of fresh air to your home decor by incorporating accessories and color combinations from Mother Earth.

  • Green shades are the most associated with nature. This color perfectly represents a feeling of abundance and vitality. Also, it helps create a sense of retreat and tranquility. Greens make people think of lush botanicals, and this provides interiors with strength and vitality.
  • Also, blue pieces are a perfect element to remind people of the sea or sky. This color is one of the most versatile since, depending on the shade, it can be bold and bright or soft and peaceful. You can enjoy these sensations by incorporating it into cushions, curtains, or paintings.
  • Yellow shades convey a sense of joy and liveliness to your living room with a memory of the summer sun. Yellow is the perfect way to add warmth to any room of your house.

Decorative herbariums, the perfect combination of art and science

A few herbariums.

Herbariums are the most beautiful and delicate way to decorate your living room. They’re collections of dried plants that can be used for display.

Original herbariums transmit feelings such as the smells and textures that make you think of nature. All you need is a nice frame to create an original natural effect.

The most common herbariums are dedicated to beautiful wildflowers. However, you can also find maritime ones. These are dedicated to the sea and its hidden treasures: shells, corals, and sea plants.

This adds a nice vintage touch to any room.

A garden on your wall for nature-inspired decor

A vertical garden.

Vertical gardens are one of the most original trends of recent years. This technique involves placing different types of plants on a wall. You create a natural vertical wall hanging. Here are some of the most interesting options:

  • A fun way to create a garden is with the vertical garden technique. Many people don’t have the space they’d like to grow their own food. A solution to this problem is vertical gardens, where you can set up a series of flowerpots with your favorite edible plants.
  • Another less expensive method is to cover a wall with artificial grass. If you don’t have enough natural light to create a garden, artificial grass is the best choice for you. It doesn’t require care and the natural effect is amazing.

Natural stone

A stone floor.

Another way to incorporate nature into your home is by laying natural stone floors. This resource is one of the oldest since we know that marble floors have been used since classical times to embellish important buildings.

Currently, this technique has resurfaced stronger than ever. Stone is a highly versatile material since it goes perfectly well with both traditional and modern styles.

The variety of natural stone that you can use on your floors is as wide as the types of stone that exist in the world. However, if you have to choose between all options, slate floors are one of the most popular nowadays.

This type of floor is very common in exterior decoration. Its dark tone provides chromatic intensity. Also, since it’s strong and durable, it doesn’t require special care.

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