Set Up a Gorgeous Vertical Garden

Lacking the space or time to take care of a garden won't work as an excuse anymore for not enjoying a little green space at home. Vertical gardens are always a good idea and today, we want to teach you some key points on making your own.
Set Up a Gorgeous Vertical Garden

Last update: 23 July, 2019

Home gardening is winning over more and more enthusiasts. But regardless of if you’re a big fan or not, today’s gardening project is simple and original. Vertical gardens are a great, creative solution for smaller spaces or that bare wall you don’t know what to do with.

Sure, we all love admiring a nice vertical garden but many people don’t dare to set one up themselves. It’s actually a lot easier than it seems. You just need to follow a few pointers, plenty of imaginations and get to work. This original project creates fresh, still areas perfect for relaxing.

Setting up a vertical garden with stacked flowerpots will add a very personalized ambiance to your balcony, yard or– for our more daring readers– a room inside your home. Let’s check it out!

Some guidelines

vertical garden guidelines

Vertical gardens use plant species that can thrive when hanging. Luckily there are a lot of them, saving us the trouble of looking around for specific ones.

In these kinds of gardens, the relationship between the plants and fungi and bacteria is crucial. We recommend finding out about the plants you want to use and how they’ll relate to the rest of your garden.

In an indoor garden, you can control elements like light, environment conditions, temperature, and humidity. On the other hand, you’ll have to consider the climatic conditions of the area you live in for outdoor gardens and use local plants as well.

Setting up a vertical garden step-by-step

vertical garden steps

First and foremost, let’s talk about the kind of shelves or containers you’ll use for your vertical garden. Feel free to get fancy, but we always go for reusing materials or items that you already have at home.

By drilling a simple set of shutters onto a wall, you easily make a shelf. Pallets or recycled wood can also be great ideas. We also love hanging pots. If you opt for this idea use plenty that aren’t too big.

Transparent fishbowls are another idea that we love because they’re original and eye-catching. Hung from the wall and filled with colorful stones, they can hold different plants and the results will be stunning.

A set of plants

vertical garden set of plants

Along with the design of the pot or bowl, you should also think about how you arrange your plants. Think about if you want to keep your vertical garden green or if you want it to feature other colors as well.

Don’t forget that color affects your mood and emotions.

Choosing a proper substrate is a professional skill. But thankfully, you can find substrates that are designed for vertical gardens. They make things much simpler.

Once you have your pot filled with substrate, you can start thinking about installing a watering system that’s designed for vertical gardens.

But if this is your first time home gardening, we suggest watering every pot by hand— especially if you have an indoor vertical garden.

Choosing the plants for your vertical garden

vertical garden plants

Hanging plants, or waterfall plants, are a perfect option. Their branches and flowers fall to the floor, filling up empty spaces. They’ll give your garden a lovely natural curtain effect.

Ferns, whether you use them exclusively or with other plants, are also ideal for these kinds of gardens.

We also love using bromeliads for vertical gardens. On top of their numerous advantages, some of them have beautiful red leaves as well. They’re great for adding a pop of color without having to maintain flowers.

Don’t limit yourself to the balcony

vertical garden place

Hanging gardens are great for bare bathroom walls that you don’t know how to decorate. They also work wonderfully in living or dining rooms. Any wall that you set them up on will transform instantly and the entire room will come together as well.

And, if you always dreamed of having a herb garden, you can set up a vertical garden in your kitchen. It won’t only turn heads but will provide fresh herbs in the comfort of your own kitchen as well.