The Best Plants to Grow in Dry Climates

Here are some examples of plants that can handle dry weather and hot temperatures.
The Best Plants to Grow in Dry Climates

Last update: 27 December, 2018

Most of the best plants for dry climates come from places where it gets very hot. These places can be hard for lovers of flowers and gardening. It’s even worse during the hottest parts of the year because they’re more likely to dehydrate and die in the heat.

In Spain, we have a lot of different climates, though many are hot and dry. That means that the plant life in some areas is completely different from others. In other words, you have to start by thinking about the climate in your city before you plant or buy anything. You might not be choosing the best plant for your region.

In today’s post, we’re going to show you some plants that live best in dry, warm climates. If you love growing things but live in a hot place, read this article. D on’t give up on the idea of a beautiful garden!

The best plants for dry climates

One of the things that make it hard to grow and maintain plants is a lack of rainfall. Lots of sun and heat lead to drought, which is difficult for plants because they need water. So, if you live in a place like this, you have to choose plants that can handle the climate. There are some characteristics you can look out for:

  • One of the most well-known plants for these climates are succulents. We give that name to any plant that has thick leaves, roots and stems for water storage. Succulents can truly beat the heat.
  • You can also grow xerophiles. Their leaves can keep water from evaporating, either because they curl over themselves or because of their long, pointed shape.
  • Sclerophyll plants are another one of the best choices for dry climates. They can adapt to long periods of drought and heat because of their tough leaves and short stems. Their perennial leaves are thick and tough for just that reason–to get through long droughts.
  • You’ll also see a lot of plants with hairy leaves and a double root system that allows them to get water from farther down in the ground.
plants for dry climates

Our plant selection

Pelargonium grandiflorum (geranium)

There are all kinds of geraniums. They’re all perennial and can handle hot climates. Sometimes they even flower all year round.

The pelargonium grandiflorum has the special characteristic that its leaves are rounded on the edge, with flowers about 2-3 inches in diameter. They have white, pink, and lilac petals, though they can sometimes be almost black with dark spots.

Care-wise, they need a lot of sunlight, as long as you’re watering them enough. This is even more important in the summer. You need to add lots of water every so often. You should generally trim them in spring, or in autumn after their summer flowering.

These characteristics make geraniums perfect for dry climates.

geranium flowers


Being a desert plant, you could probably guess that cacti are good for dry climates. But you still have to give them water every once in a while, and fertilizer once a year.

Care-wise, you need to put them in places with lots of sunlight, in a sandy soil that keeps them from building up too much water. In the winter, don’t leave them in hot rooms, because if they’re at temperatures above 68ºF, they won’t have their winter rest, which is absolutely necessary for them.

You can find all kinds of cacti at the store. Some even flower. Our favorites are the Opuntia and the Trichocereus pasacana, because they warm up any room.

Cacti are another one of the absolute best plants for dry climates.

Pachypodium lamerei (Madagascar Palm)

As you could have guessed from the name, this succulent plant comes from Madagascar. They have thick trunks covered in spines over an inch long. They can grow to be up to 10 feet tall.

Their leaves are bright green, and their flowers grow at the top (they’re generally white or reddish). They flower in the summer and need a lot of sunlight and high temperatures.

You should water them twice a week in the hottest parts of the year. You don’t need to water them in the winter.


There are all kinds of other plants besides these that you can find at the store. Don’t let the heat keep you from having a beautiful garden!

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