Two Ways to Decorate your Living Room with Yellow

Two Ways to Decorate your Living Room with Yellow

Last update: 11 January, 2019

Today we’ll show you two ways to successfully decorate your living room with yellow. It’s a great way to bring joy and brightness into the room. 

Choosing which colors to decorate your home with is an important and difficult decision. There are so many colors and choosing one that really stands out can be hard because you have to know how to integrate it into the room. That’s why decorating with yellow can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

Yellow is one of the primary colors, along with red and blue. This means, that when they’re mixed with one another, you can obtain other colors.

Yellow is considered a risky color when it comes to interior design. However, depending on the tone, it can bring luminosity, elegance, and joy into the room. 

In today’s article, we’ll tell you two ways to decorate your living room with yellow.

How does yellow make us feel?

If you have a room that’s very boring and doesn’t have any splashes of color, decorating it with yellow would be perfect. Yellow adds dynamism, joy, and brightness to spaces. 

Also, it’s a color that suggests wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence; but the meaning of the color varies depending on the culture. For example, yellow is considered a color of nobility in China. However, in Spain during the time of the Inquisition, those who were condemned were forced to wear this color.

Nuances aside, a room with yellow touches or with yellow as the main color is a room that offers luminosity, dynamism, and joy. In addition, yellow, even though it’s a strong color, can be combined really well with others. For example, with black, gray or some light shades. 

decorate yellow

Subtle yellow

One of the ways that you can decorate with yellow is by using specific decorative elements. This way, there’s just a touch of yellow in the room and it’s not the main tone.

If your living room has dark or neutral tones, and you want to add a touch of color, yellow may be the best option. There’s a wide variety of decorative elements in this color that will brighten any room.

Decorating with yellow elements is the perfect way to attract attention to certain objects. For example, a piece that we really like or some object that we want our guests to focus on. This option is also great for those people who like neutral colors more than flashy ones because it’s just a subtle splash of color.

Decorative elements that will be your best allies when decorating your living room with yellow:

  • Vases
  • Cushions
  • Flowers
  • Picture frames
  • Sofa
  • Curtains
  • Other yellow furniture

Decorate with yellow as the main color

The second option for decorating the living room with yellow is to use it for the main elements of the room. This option is great if you’re a happy person that likes dynamism and brightness.

Decorating the room with yellow as the main color can be done by having the majority of your pieces in yellow.

An easy way to do this is using textiles or by painting the walls yellow. For the latter option, you can paint the entire wall yellow or use some wallpaper with yellow in it. The advantage of wallpaper is that there’s some with prints, some with geometric designs and others with floral designs. So, it’s perfect for matching your tastes and decorating your living room with yellow.

The key is to know how to combine

Whether you decide to decorate the room in a subtle way or in the more risky way, it’s important to keep in mind that the main key to using this color correctly is knowing how to combine it. Yellow is considered a risky color. So, if you combine it with colors that it doesn’t go well with, it will turn into a real disaster.

The colors that best go with yellow are:

  • White: its perfect companion, because it lets the yellow shine.
  • Gray: just like white, it lets yellow be the protagonist. And, it brings more warmth into the room.
  • Black: a modern and daring combination.
  • Strong colors: yellow with strong colors like dark blue, almost black, is great for boho-like decor.

Lastly, remember that in any decorating process, balance is very important so you don’t overload the room.

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