9 of the Latest Trends in Wallpaper for the Living Room

If you want to decorate your living room, here you can find the latest trends in wallpaper this season. Give a special touch to that very important part of your house!
9 of the Latest Trends in Wallpaper for the Living Room

Last update: 05 January, 2019

Everything eventually comes back into fashion, and this also applies to interior decor. You can give a special touch to any room of the house, but in the living room, the latest trends in wallpaper are especially eye-catching. We’ll tell you all about it in this article.

Just when you thought it had been forgotten… wallpaper‘s made a comeback! You can use it to give a different feel to the rooms in your home, and above all in the living room. Without a doubt, this is a style we hope will stay fashionable for a long time. You’ll love it!

1. Betting on shine

If you’re not completely convinced about using the latest trends in wallpaper this season, you should be aware that this decor style will give a different shine to your home. And in fact, shine is in fashion, just like metallic finishes. This effect is ideal to bring out a corner or an important area of the living room!

2. Add texture

Another of the latest trends in wallpaper is to use designs with texture. One that’s similar to timber, for example, will give a more elegant and serious touch to your living room. Choose darker colors so that the textured wallpaper won’t be stained if anyone touches it. This will also make it easier for you to clean.

One of the latest trends in wallpaper is to use different textures such as brick or timber effects

3. Choose different designs

Who says that all the walls in a room have to be the same? Another of the latest trends in wallpaper is to choose different designs for each wall, that you mix and match. A great idea is to put up a smooth wallpaper in light blue tones on three walls. Then, on the remaining wall,  also have it smooth but decorated with beautiful flower designs.

If you keep to the same color range, you can choose a different design for each wall.

4. Apply wallpaper on the ceiling

Who says that wallpaper can only be used on the walls? One of the latest trends in interior decor is to use wallpaper on the ceiling. You could create a completely unique environment and say goodbye to white ceiling paint.

There are designs that can blend in with ceiling lights and that go perfectly with the furniture you have in the living room, or with your chosen decor style.

5. Enjoy the scenery

Another of the trends in wallpaper is using one that simulates being outdoors or having a picturesque view. We love the ideas of forest of trees where the early morning light filters through, a Caribbean beach paradise or a field of lavender.

Having a scenic wall is one of the latest trends in wallpaper

It doesn’t matter if the four walls are all the same or not. You could simulate a window or door in just one of the walls, with an incredible view. This visual effect can make you feel calm and serene. You may need this after a long and exhausting day at work.

6. Don’t forget the stairs

If you have a staircase in your home that is in the living room, you could use wallpaper to turn the stairs into a completely different place. As well as applying wallpaper on the wall that leads to the other floor, you could also opt for putting wallpaper on the stairs. Match color combinations and designs and leave some stairs as they are. The result will be splendid!

7. Give your home a modern touch

Why not chose a wallpaper with phrases, letters or words that you like? You can choose between thousands of different options. For example, a white background with a black font in a watercolor style, a floral background with red lettering, a white base with green phrases… Highlight a specific wall as a feature, for example, the wall behind the sofa.

You could add one of the latest trends in wallpaper by using phrases or pictures for the wall behind the sofa

8. Go for a 3D effect

Besides using different textures, another of the latest trends in wallpaper is to choose designs in 3D. They are really a work of art! Once you’ve applied the wallpaper, the effect that it generates in your living room will be mind-blowing. One of the most common designs is one that seems as though someone has played with paper and stuck pieces of it to the wall.

9. Decorate in the best vintage style

Last of all, among the latest trends in wallpaper, we couldn’t leave out the vintage style. This is the style from the age where all the walls in the house were decorated with wallpaper. Create the effect you want with matching furniture and enjoy your living room from another era.