3 Ideal Colors for Spring Decorating

Renovating your house by changing its color scheme is a great way to give it a new spring touch.
3 Ideal Colors for Spring Decorating

Last update: 21 December, 2018

When it comes to decorating in springtime, you can really feel the need to make everything more colorful. Your clothing and accessories change. The same thing happens with the decor of your home. This is when you can change the color palette to another more intense, bold scheme, giving your house a new feel for spring decorating.

Renovating your house by changing its color scheme is a great way to give a spring touch to your home. Colors influence your daily mood and can give a feeling of well being. The warmer they are, the happier you’ll be. It’s important to achieve coherence with the season by incorporating these colors into your home.

In today’s post, we’ll show you some colors to help you in your spring decorating. Sometimes you might not know how to include them in your decor and where to combine them. So, pay attention to the following tricks and suggestions for a great result. It’ll be easy!

1. Yellow in spring decorating

If there is one color that characterizes spring it’s yellow. The intensity of the color makes you relate it directly to the sun, good times and spring in general.

It would go perfectly if you were to include small details and decorations in your home in yellow. You could use items as a feature such as cushions, pillowcases, walls and even in certain pieces of furniture.

Depending on the tone of yellow you use, it could be adapted to the style of your home decor. If for example, you have an eclectic style you could throw in a more intense yellow for a modern touch. But if you have a vintage or romantic style decor, pastel yellow would suit much better.

For small children’s bedrooms, this is also a color that can play a large role in spring decorating. Also, even in the main bedroom of the house, it could add a fun touch.

Dare to be different and go for unconventional colors to add more life to the atmosphere of your home for spring decorating. Without a doubt, yellow will contribute to a joyful, dynamic feel to the rooms where you use it.

Within the color range of yellow, our preferred shade is primrose yellow. This is a somewhat muted tone of yellow, that can remind you of days gone by. That doesn’t mean to say that it’s not a warm color – the exact opposite is true. It gives a sense of vitality and energy in whichever room of the house you incorporate it.

Use shades of yellow such as Primrose Yellow for feature accessories in spring decorating

2. Blue in a spring-themed decor

Blue may be one of the favorite colors for spring. It can evoke memories of the sea, the beach and the sky.

You can include this color on the walls, in textiles, in the crockery, and even in certain pieces of furniture. It would go great and add a special touch to your spring decorating.

One trend that you can’t help seeing in Mediterranean style decors is the use of blue on doors. This is because it adds calmness and peace. Also, it plays a large role in the decor of the house when it comes to spring decorating.

If you want to achieve a summery air in the house with blue, a great option is to include the shade Island Paradise. This is a pastel color that imitates the color of water since it contains a slight shade of green. It can remind you of the decor of coastal and tropical areas that are done out in various shades of blue.

If you want to add a relaxing factor to your home decor, this is the color for you.

Another shade of blue is electric blue. In small doses, it would be perfect, especially in smaller sized rooms. You can even find this shade of blue in furniture and on walls. Without a doubt, it’s for the most daring. Are you one of them?

We recommend that to achieve the perfect spring decor of this type, you go for the color Lapis Blue. This is a color that radiates energy, thanks to its intense and live color. It also adds luminosity wherever you use it.

Blue is the perfect color to add tranquility and peace to your home when spring decorating

3. Pinks and corals

Pinks as well as warm coral colors can combine perfectly with spring decorating. They are brilliant tones, which if you know how to do it right can combine really well with the rest of the decorative features of your home.

One way of including these shades without jumping in too deep is to just add touches of them in a few accessories as a feature, such as jugs, storage boxes, cushions, pillowcases etc. However, one thing you might like is to include these colors in certain pieces of furniture. Shelving, mirror frames, small tables and even dressing tables in pinks or corals could give a special touch.

These shades give a feminine air to your home and are ideal for combining with a room with white decor. For those who are more daring, you could even paint some walls of the house with these colors. But if you do so, you should take into account the fact that these colors can be somewhat overwhelming in large doses.

One of our recommendations in these tones is the color Pink Yarrow. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most tropical colors that you could include in your home. It’s bold and extravagant. It will certainly attract attention!

Another of the colors you might like is Hazelnut. This is a tone that’s more neutral and calming than the previous color. It’s for those who don’t want to risk overdoing their decor and who are a little more discreet. It adds naturalness and warmth, which makes it perfect for combining with the warmer seasons of the year, above all for spring decorating.

Pinks and coral colors can be used to create a feature in spring decorating


These colors will make the atmosphere of your home livelier than ever. If you combine them well, they can help you to create the perfect spring decor in your house. Be bold and use the best colors this spring!


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