Floor Vases to Decorate Your Home

Learn how to decorate with floor vases.
Floor Vases to Decorate Your Home

Last update: 24 December, 2018

Floor vases are the trend, especially in hallways.  Read on to find out more.

In the following article, we want to talk about floor vases, which appear more and more in the world of interior design. Actually, using floor vases is nothing new. In fact, they’ve been popular since ancient times.

Vases are a very versatile decorative element that can look good in many areas. In this article, we’re going to concentrate on their use as a decorative piece in hallways.

When we discuss halls, we are talking about vestibules, foyers, and hallways. These are areas that are often forgotten. However, they are spaces that give the first impression of us to our guests.

They should be an area that is both attractive and cozy. That’s why lighting, mirrors, consols, rugs and coat racks are important to us.

So vases can be important to decorate these areas as well. For now, forget the idea of putting vases on top of furniture and shelves and display them on the floor. Your guests will be sure to notice them!

Three large jars on a very low platform

 Finding  Space for Floor Vases

This is very important since the vases that we choose should be proportional to the spaces that they will occupy. 

This job will be easier when decorating foyers or entryways. In the case of halls, you have to consider width to make sure that the vase fits.

Without a doubt, vases tend to help fill in those empty spaces that we don’t know what to do with.

Vases are often made of fragile materials, so we have to pay close attention to where we put them. This way we’ll prevent possible risks. For example, placing a vase beside a door means it could easily break.

On the other hand, think about combining multiple shapes when there is sufficient space. In general, we recommend that you choose various sizes and shapes. Always choose the same style or at least a similar style.

It’s best to place the vases in a strategic way, to emphasize the quality of the space. T

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the principal decorative style so that our vase goes well with it. Floor vases have a lot of visual impact so we should be aware of their design. 

Decorative cage sitting in the floor

What Types of Floor Vases Can We Find?

In this section, we’re going to briefly explain some options for buying your vases that are perfect for your house.

In the first place, the variety of types of vases is enormous. Plus, you can find irregular shapes which are very different from traditional ones.

 They tend to measure approximately one meter, even though their total weight is more variable.

Additionally, there are many available materials. You just need to find a style that adapts to your house. Types of vases include transparent or tinted glass, ceramic, steel, porcelain, natural fibers, and others. 

Also, you can fashion your own vase, reusing large containers. You can buy a very simple vase and cover it completely with crochet. Another idea is to give it a new use. For example, you can use a vase as an umbrella stand. There are many “do it yourself”options.

Another idea is to use a vase to display flowers and branches. If you use it for this, it’s best to use transparent glass to be able to see inside the vase. The flowers can be natural or artificial. If the vase has a pretty design, adding flowers isn’t necessary.

Remember, the size of the vase should be appropriate for the space you want it to occupy. You can consider whether or not the piece you are placing is bulky, has a neck that is high and thin, has one or two handles, etc.

Pink transparent vase with dried flowers sitting on the floor


We hope that you’ve found this article helpful for deciding to use a floor vase in your home. Think about how benches, mirrors, coat hooks, and floor vases are an option to enhance the hall.

You can find a great variety of designs, materials, and sizes in shops and on the internet.

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