Ideas to Decorate with Seashells and Conches

You can decorate with seashells and conches to make your rooms look and feel like a beach or ocean. Bring out your artistic talents and enjoy DIY with your entire family!
Ideas to Decorate with Seashells and Conches

Last update: 29 January, 2020

Are you a fan of the beach? Did you collect seashells during your last vacation? If so, you can decorate with seashells and other memories of the ocean.

It doesn’t matter if you live hundreds of meters from the beach or if your home is just a few minutes from the sand and surf. Turn your home into a marine refuge to feel that you’re always on vacation!

How to decorate with seashells and conches

It doesn’t have to be summer for you to enjoy the sea air… or at least the characteristic salty aroma. If every time you go on vacation you bring back a bag full of conches and seashells that you found on the shore, you may not know what to do with all of them. You can decorate with seashells and other ocean memories with the following ideas:

1. Glass containers

Glass jars with seashells and conches.

You can use bottles, jars, or pitchers you no longer use. If you’re going to buy the jars, we recommend buying blue or green, so they can better combine with the marine decor.

Wash and dry them well. Then, put the seashells and conches inside. First, the bigger ones and then the smaller ones. You can shake the jar a little bit so that they settle better. Finally, you can place rustic elements on the outside of the jar (string, jute, rattan, raffia, etc.).

2. Centerpieces

Centerpieces with seashells.

Would you like to have a special centerpiece for a romantic dinner? If so, you can create one with a glass bowl, some sand, a candle, and seashells and conches. It’ll look beautiful and will remind you of your last beach vacation.

3. Frames

A mirror frame with seashells.

Have you accumulated a lot of seashells and conches? Decorate a mirror or a painting with them! All you have to do is glue them around the frame.

Another idea to decorate with seashells and conches if you have too many of them is to glue a couple of them to picture frames. Then put a picture of your beach vacation inside the picture frame.

4. Mobiles

A marine mobile hanging from a roof.

You can hear the sound of the sea if you hold a conch shell to your ear… or at least that’s what people say. But with mobiles, you can make music whenever the wind blows. The idea is for its parts to collide and generate sounds.

To make a mobile, you need a support system (a piece of wood, a branch, a stick, or a rope) and then hang strings with seashells at the ends. The strings must be of different lengths.

You can hang them in a window or on the roof of your balcony or even leave it in your baby’s room, above their crib. Every time it moves, you’ll remember the last time you walked down the beach.

Another option is to make seashell garlands, placing them on the edge of the window or on a cabinet… You can even put lights on them and use them to decorate your room’s outdoor spaces. Or for next Christmas!

5. Flowerpots

A flowerpot with conches.

A great way to decorate with seashells and conches is to glue them on different containers. A good idea is to use them to decorate flowerpots. You can choose the design you like the most, glue more or fewer seashells, paint them or leave them their natural color…

And besides flowerpots, you can also decorate jewelry boxes, teabag boxes, and makeup organizers, among other things.

6. Figures and magnets

Animals made with seashells.

Do you have young children? What do you think of the idea of using seashells and conches to create DIY projects? You can make domino pieces or other articles for children with these elements.

You can paint them and put together figures of other animals. Then, you can glue a magnet on them and put them on your fridge. It’ll be fun, you’ll spend time with your family, and you’ll leave the boredom of winter aside.

With these ideas to decorate with seashells and conches, you won’t have a mountain of vacation memories gathering dust without giving them the place they deserve. Your house will become a beach retreat, even if you live in the city!

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