Ceiling Mobiles and Their Design Possibilities

Check out these beautiful ceiling mobiles and add them to your home decor. They're great fun to look at.
Ceiling Mobiles and Their Design Possibilities

Last update: 29 October, 2019

We tend to forget that our ceilings are a blank slate we should include in our home decor. So, today we’ll show you some ceiling mobiles you can make yourself.

You can use many different textures, colors, and materials in your home decor. Ceiling mobiles are fantastic decorative elements, in addition to lamps and beams in some colonial buildings.

In general, you can easily spruce up every room in your house with the right selection of mobiles. These are particularly great in children’s bedrooms, but also look good in teen and adult rooms. In addition, there are many opportunities for you to also integrate them into the decor of your living rooms, dining rooms, etc.

You could also use them for party decor.

Design possibilities

Ceiling mobiles usually hang and come in various materials and shapes. Here are some original and beautiful ones you can make.

1. Children’s ceiling mobiles

A colored shell mobile.

There’s a wide variety of ceiling mobiles for children on the market. Most of these are specifically designed with little ones in mind.

These often come in a wide variety of vibrant colors selected to stimulate a child’s imagination.

You can find a wide selection of shapes and styles within this category of mobiles. There are animals, ships, airplanes, stars, planets, and many more motifs.

The most common ceiling mobiles for children’s rooms are made of fabric. This is because of its softness and a huge variety of colors. As you can see, you can easily find a mobile you like and integrate it into the decor. It’ll brighten their world for sure.

2. Wooden ceiling mobiles

A crocheted hanger.

Wood is a beautiful, natural and warm material. So, what better way to incorporate it in the form of ceiling mobiles? There’s a wide variety of mobiles made with wood. These are ideal for adding a rustic or classic aesthetic to your home decor.

Wooden branches

You could also make a beautiful mobile made of wood branches. This is, in fact, very simple to make. Just take a wooden branch and hang it from the ceiling with a piece of rope. It’ll look like there are branches floating in your home.

In addition, you could leave this beautiful mobile in its original, natural color. Or, you could paint it in any color of your choice. A lovely combination would be to hang a branch in its natural color alongside a white one.

Anything you do with branches will be beautiful and will also bring warmth and originality to your spaces. These kinds of mobiles are great for any part of the ceiling in the dining room or living room.

Wooden branches with pom-poms

You could also hang a mobile with branches and add several felt pom poms of different colors and hung at different heights. Use a thin cord to hang them. This will add color to your ceilings.

3. Fabric ceiling mobiles

A ribbon ceiling mobile design.

Finally, ceiling mobiles are a beautiful accessory to integrate into your home decor. There’s already a great variety of fabric mobiles on the market, but you can always design and make your own with materials you already have.

So, to make your own fabric mobile you’ll need a wooden frame, several strips of cloth or ribbons and a cord.

To begin, tie the strips of fabric or ribbons onto your wooden frame, one-by-one. You can use a single color or mix and match to create patterns and combinations, the sky’s the limit here.

Once you’ve arranged all the strips and you have them the way you want them, tie a cord at each end of the frame and voila! You’ll now have a beautiful mobile to add to your home decor.

As you can see, mobiles are decorative elements that are becoming more popular. You can make all sorts of them with any design elements and lightweight materials.

Have fun integrating ceiling mobiles into every space of your home.

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