Mirrors Special: Home Decor That Will Always Smile Back

Today we've prepared a special post all about mirrors to show you all the things they can offer you. Want to take a peek?
Mirrors Special: Home Decor That Will Always Smile Back

Last update: 16 September, 2019

If there’s a decor accessory that can make a huge difference in home decor, it’s a mirror. You can use mirrors to enhance lighting, make spaces look bigger and even banish negative energy. All of their positive attributes pushed us to write a special post about them. Use them in your home to create a completely new setting.

Mirrors in Feng Shui

mirrors feng shui

If you’ve read other posts here at DecorTips, you’ve probably come across Feng Shui at one point or another. Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy that deals with the energies of a certain setting in order to create a balanced, positive atmosphere.

In Feng Shui, the materials, colors, and shapes that make up your home decor can help you create friendly spaces. Positive spaces will work towards building your relationships, prosperity or creativity.

We definitely can’t leave out mirrors of Feng Shui. How you place your mirrors throughout your home can create or break healthy spaces.

In our post today, you’ll have all the information you need to set up your mirrors right. But here are some key tips in advance:

  • If you have a narrow hallway, use a mirror to keep energy flowing. Hang one up on one of the walls. Aside from adding visual space and enhancing light, your mirror will help energy flow better. Never place a mirror at the end of a hallway as it will produce an energy leak.
  • Don’t place a mirror in front of a door as it also risks an energy leak.
  • Mirrors are key pieces for irregular areas such as L- or U-shaped zones. They complete the spaces by filling in the lacking visual space.
  • Small mirrors are a perfect solution for settling visual conflicts such as an unsightly view or pesky neighbor. Place a few small mirrors pointing towards the problematic area. Not only will they protect you, but they’ll reflect the conflict back to its origins.

Complementary mirrors

mirrors special pieces

Aside from being a beautiful decor, mirrors can also solve other problems or make your home more comfortable as well.

  • If you want to brighten up a roomset up a mirror in a way that it reflects a nice outdoor view. It could reflect a tree or a breathtaking scenic view, bringing it into your home decor.
  • If your home is quite dark, look for the biggest mirror you can find. Leaning a mirror against a wall can add a chic air to your home decor. Besides lighting up your room, it will also double the visual space.
  • Don’t forget mirrors in your home entrance. In addition to the above, mirrors are also the perfect way to give yourself one last check before you leave home
  • Bathrooms are another place where mirrors are a must. You need a mirror to do your hair, wash and get ready every day. But they’re especially great for small bathrooms as you can use them to hide a shelf that holds your toiletries.

Magic mirror on the wall

mirrors special magic

In this special post on mirrors, we can’t gloss over their purely decorative purpose. They are truly something else…

  • Try hanging up several mirrors on a wall in different sizes and shapes.
  • If you have a fireplace, set up a mirror over it.
  • Add a vintage mirror over your showcase cabinet in your dining room or over your dresser in your bedroom.
  • Mirrors are great for stimulating children’s creativity. Children have a blast learning and growing by seeing themselves in a mirror.
  • Try covering your cabinet doors in mirrors. They’ll help your room look bigger and brighter in addition to looking awesome.
  • You have all kinds of mirrors at your disposal: you can even create, decorate, restore or paint your own.

We hope you enjoyed our mirrors special and reading about all the ways to make the most of them in your home.