Bring in Prosperity with Feng Shui

Today, we're going to work for prosperity by using Feng Shui. Colors, objects, materials and a few pointers all work together to bring in more dough. Shall we give it a try?
Bring in Prosperity with Feng Shui

Last update: 19 December, 2018

This time-old philosophy has become a helpful way to decorate healthy settings, balance the energy of a home and its members, and even to find more favor with wealth. Today, we’re going to work on inviting in more prosperity with Feng Shui.

Evaluating your home is the best way to start. Have an expert define a Bagua map for your home and take up their advice. A home isn’t just physical space. The people who live there and their characteristics have a lot to do with the peculiarities of any home. So, the more you know your home, the more success you’ll have with attracting prosperity with Feng Shui.

We’re going to give you some general pieces of advice. Ready?

Keys for a prosperous home with feng shui

The welcome

To use Feng Shui to attract prosperity, let’s start at the beginning: your home entrance. Your home entrance gives access, to people and energy alike, to your home, which is why it’s crucial to treat it with special care.

Make sure that your door is visible. Your house number should be nice and clear, your doorbell should work, get a nice doormat and keep it clean, and place a plant on each side of your door. Taking care of the details of your front door is like opening the door to riches.

Feng shui door

No disorder

This is a given that you’ve probably heard like a broken record, but we’ll keep reminding you that what’s outside is inside and that things don’t flow properly in a messy home.

A lack of organization keeps energy from flowing freely and let’s not forget that money is energy. Keep things in order at home, don’t hoard, get rid of anything that you don’t use or anything that’s broken and old. Remember to check the areas that are hidden away: closets, drawers, pantries, storage rooms…

A little color therapy

Using color, you can successfully create certain settings and improve moods, concentration and even matters of wealth. The most prosperous color can’t be anything other than gold; however, there are three other colors that also favor prosperity in Feng Shui.

  • Purple: associated with riches.
  • Red: for good luck and fortune.
  • Green: for growth.

Find your power zone

Generally speaking, from the home entrance, the power zone is down the hall or at the back of the room, on the left. You can set up your work zone there and decorate it with items that are linked with wealth (golden items, inspirational images, precious stones, etc.), comfort and enjoyment. Make sure you have an element that uses water or a salt lamp.

Careful with the bathroom

The bathroom is a very significant area in Feng Shui because in many cases, it’s where energy drains away. Failing to have a balanced bathroom could cause you to lose money or squander it.

Feng shu balanced bathroom
  • Always keep the toilet seat closed.
  • Water symbolizes money; any kind of leak that you might have, like a faucet, means losing your material goods. Keep your bathrooms in good, working order.
  • Decorate with plants to counteract the fast energy flow that is usually present in bathrooms.
  • Choose warm colors, like orange, brown or beige.
  • Don’t skimp out on wooden or ceramic details; they’re perfect for sinks.

The kitchen

If you want to attract prosperity with Feng Shui, you need to make your kitchen a place where gold flows freely. The philosophy behind it is that the kitchen is a place that feeds us, where we prepare our food, which means that it should be the cleanest room in our home. Failing to do so could invoke bad fortune.

Let air and light flow freely

A window that lets in natural light while maintaining constant ventilation helps wealth flow. This is especially true if your window faces South-East because that’s where the prosperity Chi (energy) lies.

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