Make a Cute Baby Mobile in Just 3 Steps

Baby mobiles are easy to make. You just need to follow our 3 basic steps to create a quality mobile!
Make a Cute Baby Mobile in Just 3 Steps

Last update: 25 August, 2019

Your baby deserves nothing less than the best. Being so young, they need entertainment and distraction. There’s no better solution than toys made by your loving hands. Today, we want to show you 3 steps to make a baby mobile.

If you want to create a baby mobile that will entertain and decorate as well, you need to think carefully about how to make one that fits in perfectly with the decor of your baby’s room.

They’re not hard to make. But you need to use your imagination, consider the surrounding decor and make it into a fun, quality toy. Your baby’s smiles will be well worth the effort.

What is a baby mobile?

Baby mobiles go way back in history. While they always served to entertain youngsters, they also play a role for decor.

These devices are a structure with hanging items, which can be bows, ropes, or pieces of fabric. They might also feature other things that visually appeal to babies as well such as animals, characters, planets, etc.

baby mobile structure

You can hang them from the ceiling above your baby and the way they move will spark interest from him or her. They’re very easy pieces to make, but you’ll need to know the steps to get started.

— All things are difficult before they are easy. —

-Thomas Fuller-

Step 1: choosing the materials

Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to use for your baby mobile. Additionally, we recommend setting out all your items on a table to make sure you have everything. So, what do you need?

  • Two wooden or plastic rods: the rods will serve as the base from which your elements will hang (ropes, bows…). They should be a half-meter long each. You can also opt to use a clothes-hanger.
  • String: you need string to hang your decor elements. Cut a piece into several pieces, each one a half-meters long. Or, you can also use strings of different colors, which will have a better visual appeal.
  • Decorative motifs: attach them to the ends of the strings. Feel free to use animals, planets, stars, balls, etc. Great materials include foam rubber, felt, wool or any other kind of fabric.
baby mobile materials

You don’t actually need that many materials. Simple, economical mobiles are also a great option.

Step 2: setting it up

To properly set up your mobile, you’ll need to follow connect all your materials without using glue. Instead, you’ll use a needle, string, and knots.

  • First, make an X with your rods and connect them by making a knot in the rope.
  • Next, sew on the decorative elements onto each end of your ropes to make sure they’re safely attached.
  • After, tie the ropes onto your wooden rods. Feel free to hang them at the same or different heights.
  • To finish, hang your mobile from the ceiling. Make sure it hangs from a distance that allows your baby to play with the mobile without invading his or her space.
baby mobile set up

As you can see, it’s not complicated at all. You just need a little imagination and use the decor that your baby enjoys. Animals are a favorite.

Step 3: matching with the surrounding decor

Hang the mobile from the ceiling and make sure that it moves easily and that the structure is secure.

Lastly, you can match the mobile with the surrounding decor. When you’re choosing the colors, remember that they have to work with the rest of the decor of your baby’s room. Aside from being a toy, the mobile will serve a decorative function as well.

Colors like sky blue, light green, white, salmon and pink work great for baby decor. They also are easy colors to match.

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