Suggestions for Decorating your Baby's Room

Your baby deserves the best. Turn the baby's bedroom into a comfortable, functional and fun place.
Suggestions for Decorating your Baby's Room

Last update: 23 January, 2019

A baby son or daughter is the most important person in the world to their parents. However, you might ask yourself: what style should I use in my baby’s bedroom? Here you can read some useful suggestions on decorating your baby’s room.

You should think about the fact that the way in which you decorate this room will have a long-lasting effect on your child. And as time goes on, you will have to modify the room, especially as your child grows. Choosing the room, the design and the decor is crucial. Let’s look at some suggestions that can help guide your decisions in decorating a baby’s room.

Location of the room

Before starting decorating the baby’s room, you have to decide which room it will be. The baby’s room should be located in a particular part of the house. Why? Because if it’s in the wrong place, it could cause problems for your baby.

  • Principally, you will be using the room as a place for your baby to rest; therefore it’s essential that it isn’t in a noisy area of the house.
  • Preferably, avoid having the room in a part of the house that faces north, so that the room won’t be cold.
  • The room shouldn’t be located too close to the kitchen, where smells and loud noises occur.

Organization of the room

Organizing the baby’s room should be a priority. It’s a good idea to organize the room into different sections:

  • Area for the cot
  • Space for the cupboard or closet to store clothes
  • Activity corner
  • A clear area in the middle for movement

The crib

When it comes to buying a cot or crib, make sure you take into account that it should be comfortable and safe. It’s always good to invest in a better quality product; the investment will be worth it.

The crib you buy could be fixed or mobile. Depending on what you want you can find various types. Consider if you want it to be easy to move around or if it’s going to be in one place permanently.

The blanket can be a decorative item that adds color or interesting patterns to the decor and that will add to the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Where should you put the cot? You should locate it in a corner so that one long side is against a wall. This transmits a feeling of protection and security.

At the same time, you should also think about the lighting. If it’s possible to locate the cot close to a window, natural light is certainly preferable to artificial light.

When decorating your baby's room, take advantage of natural light

Furniture for decorating the baby’s room

How can you complete decorating a baby’s room using furniture? Make sure you don’t overdecorate the room. Rather, you should add simple, functional and useful items.

  • Closet: an essential resource for storing your baby’s clothes and blankets. Choose one that’s spacious and that will add to the general decor of the room.
  • Chest of drawers: an item of furniture that’s necessary for holding decor items and other resources and for storing things inside
  • The cot
  • Shelves: you could hang them on the wall, or perhaps have a higher bookshelf that sits on the floor.

The decor

Obviously, the decor of your baby’s room can be very varied and you have many possibilities. The theme that you work on should be suitable for children/babies. Above all, take into account what style you want to achieve and where you want to go with the decor.

It won’t be too difficult to find soft toys or decorative toys that can help you decorate a shelf or a chest of drawers. You can combine these with the theme of the whole room.

Resources you can use to decorate the walls:

  • Strings of fairy lights or simply decorative strings
  • Picture frames with cross stitch
  • A fabric canopy over the cot will add a magical touch to the room
  • Wallpaper or vinyls with a certain theme… clouds, stars, shapes, nature, animals, etc

At the same time, a coat rack could be an excellent addition to the room for clothes or coats. Make this item into a decorative aspect that will add to the atmosphere when decorating your baby’s room.

Floor and windows: comfort

What is most important for your baby’s room is that the floor is comfortable and warm. On the other hand, the room should also have natural light so you can avoid using artificial light.

With regards to the floor, you could use parquet flooring (a mosaic using pieces of wood) or a floating floor (timber flooring without glue or nails). These would be excellent choices since they help to hold the heat in and are better than cold, hard tiles. So that your floor is even more comfortable, you could also use a rug or mat. This can also double as a playing area.

What about the window or windows? It’s very important that the room has plenty of natural light, especially if it’s located in a position that receives several hours of direct sunlight.

If you want to regulate the intensity of the light, nothing will be better than curtains. These could be of a color or even a pattern with a theme that will suit your child’s room.

Make the room into a functional, fun and magic place for your baby. All the points in the above article are important. So, make sure you don’t leave out any of these suggestions when decorating your baby’s room. In reality, your baby deserves the perfect dream room.


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