3 Kinds of Autumn Wreaths in just Two Easy Steps

In our post today, we´ll show you some beautiful ideas for creating your own Autumn wreaths and ringing in the season.
3 Kinds of Autumn Wreaths in just Two Easy Steps

Last update: 29 November, 2018

There are several ways to make a beautiful and original autumn wreath. To make them, you should use natural materials that are particular to the season.

You can use things like dried leaves, pine cones, fruits, dry branches and many other items as well. Additionally, a wonderful thing about making these items is that you can place them outside on your front door or inside your home as well.

Seasonal colors are characteristic in autumn wreaths. These colors range from brown, red, yellow, and orange to sand. Below, we´ll show you some different ideas and how to make each one step by step.

Autumn wreaths

You can make an endless variety of autumn wreaths to decorate your home using materials that you enjoy or have hanging around at home. On a further note, using autumn’s natural bounty in your wreath is fundamental. Below, we have some ideas for you to try that are very different from each other. Choose the one you like the most.

Autumm wreath leaves

Wreath with branches, leaves, and flowers

Our first autumn wreath idea calls for dry branches. After making the base, you can add any decorative element. To make this, you’ll need a few materials:

  • Dry, bendable branches
  • Jute
  • Dried leaves
  • Dried flowers
  • Glue

1. Create the structure with the branches

First, you need to take all of your branches and shape them into the best circle that you can. You need to use bendable branches. If your branches are too stiff, you won’t be able to form the wreath and they’ll break. Once you have your branch structure, tie them in shape with the jute. Once secured, your wreath will stay put.

2. Add the leaves and flowers

Once you have the wreath base, start adding dried leaves and flowers to the inner circle. Make sure to alternate between them and the colors to create a good mix. Now, you can enjoy a beautiful autumn wreath of branches, flowers, and leaves.

Pine cone wreath

Our next idea uses pine ones for the base of the wreath. You’ll need the following materials:

Autumn wreath pine cones

1. Create the base

Start by making a circular base with a wire of medium thickness. You should be able to bend and shape it easily, but it should also be sturdy. Also, before starting your craft, measure out the circumference.

2. Add the decor elements to the base

Once you have your circular base, continue to add decorative elements on the wreath. Take your pine cones and attach each one on to the wire. If you like, you can attach them with glue or you can tie them to the wire with some jute.

Keep going until you cover the wreath’s entire circumference with these beautiful pine cones. You can also try adding small, dried leaves in between the pine cones.

Wreath with fabric and leaves

Our last craft idea is for a bigger wreath. You’ll need the following materials:

  • Pool noodle
  • Burlap
  • Dried leaves
  • Small pine cones
  • Glue
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1. Create the base of the wreath

Use the pool noodle as the base of your wreath. Depending on how big you want your wreath to be, adjust the noodle. You can cut it for a smaller wreath.  Connect the ends of the noodle with super glue and leave it to dry. Now, you have your base.


2. Cover the base and add the decor elements

Now, cover the entire base with the burlap. Use super glue and let it dry. Then, start placing your big, dried, colorful leaves and, if you want, small pine cones, too, around the inside of the base.

To make these beautiful autumn wreaths, you’ll only need a few materials. You can place them on your front door, your home walls or even on the table as a centerpiece to welcome fall. With just 2 easy steps, you can create 3 different kinds of wreaths. Choose the one that you liked the most and decorate your home with autumn colors.