Fall Musts for your Home Decor

Come fall, come new home decor trends. Learn about them below.
Fall Musts for your Home Decor

Last update: 24 November, 2018

The return of fall fills us with the urge to create a cozier ambiance for our homes. It marks the end of summer and welcomes the first waves of cold. Consequently, our home decor should be warmer and brighter. Want to try adding fall elements to your home?

There are various ways that can help us change the season of our home decor. They’re simple ideas that can freshen up your entire home, buffering the dark blow that can sometimes hit with the seasonal change.

If you’re thinking about changing things in your home this fall, now’s the time to discover the right colors, designs and decorative pieces for the season. Below, we’ve gathered some pointers to help you get on the right track. Don’t miss out!

Fall pieces that you can use in your home

Using fall decor pieces is an easy way to break from the everyday home decor routine. In this season, trends change a bit and the influence is warmer and more harmonious settings. Want to change your home decor for fall? We’ll show you some possible solutions.

Autumn trends possibilities

Dried leaves

Dried leaves are undoubtedly a sign of fall. They are easy to find and perfect for adding a hint of romanticism to your home decor. All you need to do is go for a walk and collect some leaves.

Once you have your leaves, just add them to a jar or paint them. With some creativity, you can really create some beautiful art piecesYou could even make a dried leaf mobile for your hall.


Another classic fall decor option is candles. They serve two very important purposes for your home. First, they provide light in small, darker corners. Second, they are also a decorative piece and complement the romantic style that characterizes fall.

Natural fiber baskets

Rustic decor pieces that add a countryside feel to your home are also fundamental fall musts. Natural fiber baskets are something that we want to include in our post. They look lovely with the other decor pieces of fall.

Baskets hold a special meaning for this season because they represent the fruit of the summer’s labor, a preparation for the colder months.

Seasonal flowers

Autumn seasonal flowers

Something that you must include in your fall home decor are seasonal flowers. Their beautiful colors will stand out from everything else and, of course, give your home a natural, serene setting. The best kinds? Gladiolus, chrysanthemum,  and dahlias.


Textiles go well with every room in the house. Considering that fall marks the beginning of the cold weather, we can “bundle up” each room with different features. Blankets, throws, rugs and other items are a great idea for creating a warmer atmosphere.

Pine cones

Pine cones are a natural addition for homes. There are so many ways to use them, such as a table center piece. Another great pine cone idea is using them with glass jars, string lights or wreaths.

Gold and copper tones

Decor elements that have a gold or copper finish are here to stay. You can use them all-year-round, but they really stand out during fall. They create warmer settings and make a good contrast with typical fall colors.

There are several ways that you incorporate these tones in your home. They range from small handcrafts, like copper leaf streamers, to more sophisticated ideas such as jars, candleholders, and picture frames.

Autumn colors

Patterned wallpaper

You don’t need a coat of paint to freshen up your walls. Using wallpaper with distressed, shadowy or circular patterns is a great way to personalize your rooms. Patterns are a hot trend this season.

Dare to try these ideas to jazz up your home? As you’ve read today, they’re easy to create and help create warm, cozy spaces.

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