8 Table Set-Ups for a Big Birthday Party

Looking for table set-up ideas for an important event? Here are some original ideas for a 15th birthday party.
8 Table Set-Ups for a Big Birthday Party

Last update: 18 August, 2019

15th birthday parties are a big deal. It’s a moment where family and friends come together to celebrate. And setting up the party to suit the birthday girl or boy’s interests and preferences is essential. You have to take the time to think about the right colors, lighting or a theme.

To help you get started, we have some original table set-up ideas to share with you today. There are all kinds of fun ideas to try, like a table centerpiece. You can also consider floating elements, flowers, candles and plenty more.

In addition, all of today’s examples are easy DIY projects that use affordable materials. Remember to recycle and reuse as much as you can; it’ll help you reduce costs.

Flower arrangements for 15th birthday parties

Flowers are a popular decor element for these kinds of parties. Party princesses love their aesthetic appeal as table centerpieces. Here are some ways to pull together certain objects, colors, and flowers to decorate your tables.

sweet sixteen table set up

Glass recipients

Set up beautiful floral arrangements with different kinds of glass recipients as table centerpieces. Gather flasks, bottles, small containers, fishbowls, and similar objects. And if you want, add a piece of ribbon or some bows in the same color as your flowers.

Choose flowers you love in your favorite color. While you can opt for either fresh or artificial flowers, the former option will give your tables a more elegant decor. White and pink or white with mint green are two popular color combinations. These color combinations are always a sure win for 15th birthday bashes.

Wine glasses with flowers and candles

Another original idea is placing some flowers underneath an upside-down wine glass. They make a very creative yet simple table centerpiece. Look for some small flowers that you like and after, just flip the glass over them. Additionally, you can tie it all together with a finishing detail; use the bottom of the glass as a candleholder and place a small candle on top.

Flowers with candy

If you want to set up a classic candy-themed birthday party, try decorating your tables with candy. Use colorful candy and big candy jars. Add a helium balloon, nice floral arrangement or another decor element that you like as well.

Candle decor

Whether it’s for everyday home decor or a party, candles are always a great idea for table set-up. Try using beautiful candles in different sizes with candleholders for your 15th birthday party table set-up. They’ll add an intimate, romantic air to your party.

Glass jars

Glass jars are great for table decor. Fill them with water, sand or salt and add small candles on top. Fishbowls work perfectly for floating candles.

Use candles and a flower wreath

Flowers and candles go hand-in-hand for party decor. They add warmth and romance to the ambiance while creating gorgeous decor for tables. Try placing a wreath of small flowers around a jar with candles inside. You can also create a table centerpiece by using a wreath around a big candle or a candleholder.

Candle set-up

Another gorgeous decor idea is using a small group of the same color but differently sized candles together. Set them on top of a pretty tray and decorate it with ribbons or flowers. You’ll love the delicate table set-up that they create.

LED candles

LED candles are artificial and very popular for teenage birthday parties. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some even change color. LED candles are a fun, modern decor.

Table set-ups with balloons

table set up balloons

Helium balloons are popular as table centerpieces for 15th birthday parties. You can choose balloons with messages or fun shapes like hearts and stars or whatever you want. Try to use them along with other small decor items to create a beautiful look.

Little floating balloons paired with flowerpots are a popular decor option. You can also change the base as you want and tie on some colorful helium balloons at different heights.

As you’ve read with us today, you have all kinds of fun, cool options for a great birthday party. You can even use recycled materials for some of these ideas. Try to match your table set-up with the rest of your party decor. Give it a try and decorate your tables with beautiful set-ups.