8 Tips for Setting Up a Romantic Dinner

If you want to create a special moment for you and your special someone, check out our tips for setting up a romantic dinner.
8 Tips for Setting Up a Romantic Dinner

Last update: 10 August, 2019

We have the tips you need for setting up a romantic dinner for you and your special someone. These dinners usually mark a special celebration such as an anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s Day. Cover the checklist to pull off the best results: lighting, food, ambiance, dishware and decor will all play a big part in your special dinner.

Our tips will help you create an intimate, warm and one-of-a-kind dinner. First, think about if you want to have the dinner at home, in a certain room, outdoors, etc. If you want to have the dinner at home, you’ll have more control over the decor.

Tips for setting up a romantic dinner

Choose the right table

Choosing a relatively small table is key for bringing you and your partner closer together. Round tables work best but if you have a square table, it will work fine as well.

romantic dinner table

Tablecloths and napkins

Add more elegance to your dinner decor by using a tablecloth and cloth napkins. We recommend using them in white. Paper napkins will only take away from an elegant, romantic setting.

The right tableware

Choose your tableware carefully for your romantic dinnerUse solid colored plates and silverware. Look for rounded, thin forms as well. And wine glasses are a must, too!

The perfect lighting

Use candles to create a romantic and tender ambiance. Aim for dim lighting. The candles will light up your table and create a warm, romantic setting. Try using two large white candles in a candle-holder.

Or, if you want to try something more alternative, try a short wide candle and decorate it with ribbons. Look for scentless candle options to keep fragrances from mixing in with the food.

Table centerpieces

If you want to top your dinner off with an extra decor detail, try a beautiful table centerpiece. You can use a small, colorful floral arrangement to set the mood.

Or, fill a glass vase with rose petals and use it as a centerpiece. If you want the petals to steal the show, scatter them on top of your tablecloth for a truly romantic effect.

Additionally, instead of using candles on one side of the tale and the centerpiece in another, use a candle as your centerpiece. Fill a glass jar with water and add some floating candles.

Play music

Playing some music in the background will help pull the setting together. Try soft tunes like classical or jazz. The music will help shake off the nerves for your special night.

Other spaces for romantic dinners

You don’t have to stick to the classic set-up. Set up the dinner to best suit you and your special someone. Here are some other, more original ideas for creating the perfect romantic dinner.

Create an intimate corner in your home

If you have a fireplace, it could be a great setting for your romantic momentSet up your dinner next to the fire. Lay out a nice tablecloth along with some pillows to sit on and use petals to create an outline of a circle or heart. Add a soft rug for a warmer ambiance.

As for the menu, try serving something that’s easy to eat, such as finger food or sushi. You’ll also need a tray to hold your glasses and bottles. The warm fire, some candles, and a little soft music will create a deeply intimate setting.

romantic dinner fireplace

Outdoor romantic dinner

If you have a deck, balcony, terrace or yard, an outdoor dinner can be another great option. Try aiming for a warm night with still, fresh air. Use candles and lanterns to create the perfect, comfortable setting. You can also try hanging string lights around the area. Find a small side table to hold your bottles and other accessories that could clutter your table setting.

Think about the perfect way to share a romantic dinner with your special someone. Plan everything ahead of time and make sure you have everything you need to set the dinner up when it’s time. All of these elements will create a special and priceless moment.

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