Centerpiece Ideas

The most elegant and original options will always make your table look perfect.
Centerpiece Ideas

Last update: 30 April, 2019

We all like to surprise our guests when we invite them to lunch or dinner at our house. So, how we decorate the table is very important. Everything has to be in order to convey subtle elegance. A centerpiece is a great idea.

It’s obvious that details make a big difference, and this is especially true when it comes to tables. There are many ideas we can use to give the room a special and distinguished touch.

In today’s post, we’ll show you some ideas that you can use to decorate your table with original centerpieces that everyone will love. Keep reading and get inspired by these ideas!

Flowers, we want flowers!

Flowers are often used to decorate centerpieces. They bring light, clarity, and color into the room. They also go well with any style. Just choose the flowers you like the most and that will best compliment your home’s colors.

Flowers have always been used for decoration. Whether in bouquets, by themselves or in vases. As for centerpieces this season, we often see them placed in pots made of wood, metal or glass.

You can combine different types of flowers in a pot and create a contrast with the table cloth or dishes. For example, if your tableware is white, add shades of pink, red or green. Give the table some color and freshness.


Another great idea is to make a bouquet, either with fresh or dried flowers. Tie them with a string and that’s it! Make sure you cut the stems well so the flowers are all the same height. If they’re uneven, it won’t look as good. As we’ve been saying, paying attention to detail is very important.

You can also make a wreath of flowers to surround a candle, a vase or any other decorative element you choose. To do this, you’ll need rope and glue. Make the circular shape of the wreath and tie the ends together. It’s a bit more laborious, but the result is spectacular.

Flowers are, undoubtedly, one of the best options for a centerpiece. You can see them used for all kinds of celebrations, like weddings, communions or special events. The good thing about flowers is that you can choose them depending on the season. Although they’ll require constant care, the final result looks spectacular.

Use candles to give a romantic touch

Candles are another element we can use as a centerpiece. They bring warmth and light into the room. We can also choose the aroma we like the best.

If your table is long, you can choose a larger candle. Or, you can make a wreath of candles of different widths and sizes. You’ll absolutely love this idea because it will create the perfect lighting for any dinner.

You can also accompany your candle centerpiece with petals, stones or twigs. Another option is to put metal candlesticks in the center. This is a more rustic and classic idea, but it will give your table personality.

We love wood for centerpieces

As you know, wood is synonymous with warmth. This is very important for tables. So, including wooden elements will be an extra bonus for your table. 

An idea that we often see in decoration magazines is putting twigs in centerpieces. Choose those that are quite thick and then place candles, flowers or a pretty vase in the center.

This centerpiece is great for rustic environments and will give your room an autumnal/wintry look. It’s a very simple option. You can even make it yourself. Just take a branch that you like, sand it and varnish it. Apart from being elegant, it’ll be very economical.

The finishing touch: trays and bowls

You’ve probably seen pretty trays or glass bowls used as centerpieces. Both are great options when decorating tables.

You can put anything you can think of inside of them, like flowers, pebbles, sand, and even bottle corks.

If you have a long table, you can make a line of several bowls down the table. It will all depend on how flashy and ornate you want it to look.

Are you ready to make your own centerpiece? Surprise your guests with an elegant and attractive decoration.


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