Tablecloths for a Special Dinner Party

Have a dinner party coming up and want to dress up your table in the most beautiful way possible? Use a sophisticated, subtle tablecloth to display a little distinguished character.
Tablecloths for a Special Dinner Party

Last update: 22 December, 2018

Have an important event coming up and really want to make it a time to remember? Use a tablecloth for a special dinner party and surprise your guests with the stunning set-up.

Your main objective is to create elegance. If you’re going to throw a formal dinner party where guests will be dressed impeccably to celebrate an important event everything needs to be perfect.

Just as you’re going to put out your special silverware and dishes, why not complete the picture with a tablecloth that further embellishes your table decor? There are plenty of possibilities, which we’ll take a look at below.

High-quality items for a special dinner party

The main goals for dinner parties are to satisfy the guests, with both the meal and decor. You can’t underestimate the importance of how you set up your table because that’s where the meal will take place.

tablecloth importance

Every detail, dish, piece of silverware, etc. should be perfect.

So, your tablecloth has the most important role. Its texture, the embroidered detail, and colors will set the scene.

-Elegance isn’t an external quality but rather, a part of the soul that everyone can see.-

-Paulo Coelho-

Tablecloth color

There are all kinds of tablecloths that you can use to decorate a table. When you’re deciding which one you should choose, you have to consider the color and the kind of feeling that it transmits. We’re going to take a look some of the best options:

  • White tableclothwhite tablecloths are the most common choice for parties and celebrations. But they can look too neutral and bland but they’re always a safe choice.
  • Colorful tablecloth: your tablecloth will transmit a certain feeling depending on the color that you choose. Using a passion red tablecloth isn’t the same as using a pistachio green one or an intense red one. Remember that the color will reflect your personality.
  • Gold or silver tablecloththese two tones are a reflection of elegance because they glimmer and shine, displaying opulence. You can definitely create a luxurious setting with both of these colors.
  • Black tablecloth: if you’re looking for a serious, somber dinner party with a special ambiance, black can be a good solution.
Tablecloth black

Tablecloth with patterns

The world of patterns is huge, offering plenty of designs. Patterned tablecloths also play around with colors.

  • Circles and curved lines: to create some dynamism and movement, a subtle solution could lie in circle patterns or wavy lines.
  • Squares: straight lines create stability and order.
  • Flowers and vegetables: for a natural air, these have a simple, chic appearance and can feature plants and leaves.

Lace and embroidered tablecloths

Lace and embroidery are very sophisticated and showcase a time-consuming work of art as dinner party decor. Their elegance is unparalleled.

Tablecloth lace
  • A tablecloth that has embroidered details is a sure sign of a distinguished personality. It reflects someone who values hard work that also has a great taste for detail.
  • Bobbin lace is another interesting material for tablecloths that would really display exceptional elegance. So, if you want a really stunning set-up, bobbin lace is something that’ll stand out.
  • Another idea is using embroidered tablecloths: flowers, bows, leaves, plant motifs, etc. You can use them to add color and create some dynamism while still keeping things subtle.

In any case, think about your preferences when you’re deciding between tablecloths as well as the style and the elegance that you want to transmit. For the finishing touch try to match the colors to your dishware.

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