Original Autumn Table Centerpieces

Want to welcome Autumn with your table decor? IN today's post, we'll show you some beautiful ideas for creating your own Autumn centerpieces.
Original Autumn Table Centerpieces

Last update: 03 June, 2019

Autumn brings a wonderful opportunity for updating our home decor. In today’s post, we’re going to show you some ideas for decorating your table for autumn with some beautiful centerpieces. By adorning your table with a centerpiece, your home will be filled with different colors and textures.

Natural elements that have warm colors will be the main stars of this show. Table centerpieces are also lovely decor pieces that you can use for a family dinner or outside of meal times, too. You could place your autumn centerpieces on your dining table, coffee table, side tables, and other tables as well.

Autumn table centerpieces

Autumn’s traditional colors and elements will take the lead for your table decor. You can create your own beautiful pieces by using natural elements like flowers, dried leaves, seasonal plants, etc.

Flowers, leaves, branches, and seasonal plants

Flowers and dried leaves are big autumn players. You can find these items in your backyard or along the sidewalks in your city. There’s a huge range of warm colors. They vary from yellows, oranges, reds and earthy colors.

Below, we’ll show you some beautiful table centerpieces that you can make with these elements to dress up your table for autumn.

Centerpieces flowers

Jars with flowers and branches

For this lovely autumn decor centerpiece, you’ll need:

  • Medium-sized glass jar
  • Dried flowers in different colors
  • Slightly thicker dried branches
  • Glue
  • Decorative tape, your preference

Take your glass jar and apply a thin layer of glue onto the surface, sticking on your dried branches vertically. Cover the entire jar with the branches. Using your fingers, apply pressure onto them and leave your jar to dry for several hours.

Then, secure the branches by applying your decorative tape to the jar horizontally. The tape will keep all of the branches firmly in place.

Add your dried flowers to the jar, creating a nice flower arrangement. Your dried flower and branch centerpiece is complete now.

Tray with seasonal fruit and leaves

Another charming centerpiece craft uses a tray to hold various items. Take a wooden, glass, or any kind of tray and place some pine cones, seasonal fruit and plenty of big leaves on it.

With these elements, you can create an autumn tray to decorate your table with originality. You can use it to on your coffee table or your dining table.

Centerpiece tray for autumn decor

Table centerpieces with candles and candleholders

Using a little lighting along with your natural elements will create even more warmth in your home. We’ll show you some lovely centerpiece ideas that use candleholders, candles, and other things as well.

Big candle with a wreath of leaves

This is a simple but absolutely beautiful idea. It calls for  a white candle, placed in a glass jar. If you like, you can decorate your jar. Create a wreath with dried leaves of different colors, overlapping them with each other.

Try to make your wreath a little bigger than the width of your glass jar. Then, assemble the wreath at the base of the jar.

Centerpiece wreath for autumn decor

Jar with a candle and dried corn

Fill a tall glass jar with corn. Then, set a big white, orange or light brown candle on top of the corn. Decorate the candle with a dried leaf and use jute to keep the leaf in place. This will be a beautiful centerpiece to light up your autumn evenings.

Candleholder with pine cones

Candleholders are also a wonderful object that could work for autumn centerpieces. Set a medium-sized candleholder on top of a decorative plate along with several pine cones of different sizes. Set up the pine cones in a way that circle your candleholder. This will make for an original yet simple table centerpiece for autumn decor.

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