10 Creative Ideas for Using Chalk Paint

Using chalk paint is an ancient art, but it's become all the rage lately. It's non toxic, can be adapted to almost any material and adds a unique flavor. Do you feel like you'll love it already?
10 Creative Ideas for Using Chalk Paint

Last update: 03 January, 2020

It’s been a little while since using chalk paint became the rage throughout the decor world and with DIY enthusiasts. We’re sure you’ll love this decor trend. It’s become so popular because it’s a type of paint that’s open to many creative possibilities, and because you can adapt it to almost any surface and material.

So before you get stuck into your next DIY project, read on and immerse yourself in some great ideas for using this latest decor trend.

What is chalk paint?

Sample pots and brushes

Chalk paint, as its name indicates, is a paint with a chalk base. That’s right, the same kind that blackboard chalk has. The quality of the paint varies depending on the amount of chalk it contains. Paint with 35% chalk and over is high-quality paint.

It’s water-based and as a result, it’s a highly versatile material, non-toxic and you don’t even need to use a primer.

But don’t think that it’s just the latest fad invented by someone looking for their two minutes of fame. In reality, remains of this type of paint have been found dating back to the paintings of Michael Angelo (14th century).

However, there is someone responsible for the latest craze in chalk paint. Her name is Annie Sloan, an interior designer that gave the modern name to the technique and who has created her own brand of paint with a patented formula.

Which paint should you choose?

A thin slightly transparent coat over timber

It’s important to know how to tell a good chalk paint from a low quality one, since in paint shops they may just try to sell you any kind of matte paint with a ‘chalk finish’ label.

As we mentioned above, it should be water-based and should always have at least a 35% content of calcium carbonate, that is, chalk. Any other types of paint are just imitations with a ‘chalk effect’ finish.

This is a paint that you can adapt to many and varied projects thanks to its composition. It doesn’t require either stripping, if you use it on timber, or a base coat of primer, opening up a world of opportunities.

The finish is always matte. You can apply it diluted with water, giving an aged look, or a thicker application, which results in a more complete coverage.

We love how Sloan’s creativity has taken this paint to new heights in the world of interior decor. You’ll see how it can create a real feature in a room, giving it that special touch.

And best of all, you can use it on all kinds of surfaces: furniture, floors, walls, electrical appliances, fabrics, stone, cardboard, metal, to name just a few… the possibilities are endless!

Using chalk paint – find your inspiration

1. The sofa

An antique sofa repainted using pale green chalk paint

Chalk paint on fabric looks stunning. For example, this technique has modernized this baroque sofa. If you don’t like the upholstery you have at the moment, you know what to do – give it a lick of paint.

2. Closet

Closet doors done out in baby blue

On a timber surface, you can achieve several different effects. This closet is painted in a pale blue, but with a thick coat of paint. The result is pretty yet functional.

3. Decorate stools using chalk paint

A painted timber stool with a natural fiber seat

This type of paint is perfect to combine with natural fibers. Let your imagination loose and create original designs, playing around with shapes and colors.

4. Glass bottles – get creative

Old beer bottles are given a new life in pastel colors

Glass and chalk paint is also a feature on Pinterest, where you’ll find original ideas that you can adapt to your decor, your style and the color scheme that you have in the rest of your house.

5. Away from home – the office

Decorate your office using chalk paint as a feature

Letters and words, cardboard boxes, even pens! You can decorate almost anything with this beautiful finish. Why not take it to your office?

6. Candlestick holders in different colors

Colorful candle stick holders decorating a rustic table

As we mentioned above, chalk paint is great for almost any surface. For instance, these candlestick holders in different colors are ideal to decorate a table full of rustic charm. They would make a great gift for you or a friend.

7. Using chalk paint – beach bags

A beach bag with colorful painted stripes

Baskets made of natural fibers, whether they be for your personal use like this one, or those that you have in your home for storing items, go swimmingly well with chalk paint. Enough with the sobriety; refresh your decor by creating your own designs and then paint them using your favorite colors.

8. Give curtains a refreshed look

Curtains painted using chalk paint shown against a red feature wall

Natural fabrics also go great with chalk paint. Check out these curtains for example! They are one of Annie Sloan’s designs and they clearly show the versatility and potential of this product. Also, you can even use it to dye clothing… surprising, right?

9. Doors decorated using chalk paint

Pastel teal doors with art deco trim

One of the areas in your home that’s always begging for a revamp is the doors. There’s no better and cost-effective way of doing it than with this type of paint. Go for doors in pastel colors, you’ll fall in love with them.

10. Unique dining chairs

Dining chairs in pastel colors with a rustic timber table

How about one in each color? Check out how charming they look together with this rustic table in natural timber and white.

After reading these ideas, we’re sure that your imagination is already leaping ahead to your own projects. We’d love to know how you’ve put into practice our basic course on how to use chalk paint in your decor.

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