Rustic Tables for Creating a Cozy Home Decor

Rustic tables always create a warm and natural decor for homes. Learn how to use them in your settings!
Rustic Tables for Creating a Cozy Home Decor

Last update: 20 December, 2019

Want to change up your home decor? Well, we have an interesting idea to show you. Rustic tables are not only practical but also decorate settings simply.

In our post today we want to show you all the benefits that these tables have for your home decor. You can also check out two example settings that feature these original, hardy tables.

Rustic tables

rustic tables advantages

There are a lot of reasons why you should use a rustic table in your home decor. If you’re still hesitating, keep reading and discover for yourself why they’re such a great option.

  • Sturdy. Rustic tables can withstand any impact and weight. If you have children these tables are jump and ball-proof; you can let your children play freely without having to worry about them breaking the table.
  • AestheticsAside from their functional aspect, the visual impact furniture has on their setting is a crucial factor in choosing the right piece. Rustic tables certainly do have a special charm. They have lovely finishes and can fit into any decor style.
  • Economical. Rustic tables can be so natural that you just need to go out and find the pieces outside. But if you want to buy one at a store instead, you’ll find plenty of models at great prices.
  • Warm and cozy setting. Rustic elements make snug spaces. They create a nice ambiance where you can spend time comfortably. Installing a rustic table will make your home cozy.
  • Practical. Not every decor element is practical. But these tables are extremely practical for holding decor accessories, flower vases or lamps.
rustic tables kitchen

If you never took any notice of rustic tables before, you’re probably falling for them now. And to seal the deal, we want to show you two different settings that show just how beautiful and versatile they are.

These two settings will also give you some ideas on decorating your own home. Let’s dive into these two amazing settings.

Tree stump table

rustic tables stump

Our first example is just about as rustic as it can get and we love it. It’s a clear example of “less is more”. These stumps look absolutely beautiful.

Tasteful decor is essential for creating a warm setting. The decor accessories here are also very simple as they’re just candles in cylindrical, glass vases.

The elements all tie together with the color brown. The stumps visually connect to the rest of the room through the pillows and bamboo wall.

The end result is gorgeous – a warm, cozy setting perfect for having a good time.

Wicker table

Rustic tables wicker table

Wicker is one of the best natural materials around. In our next example, you can see a beautiful wicker patio table that’s both practical and decorative. Wicker tables are economical and lightweight making them a great option to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a rustic table.

The setting also uses bamboo. Bamboo is a flexible and resilient material that people can use to create incredible pieces. The rest of the setting follows the rustic theme, creating the perfect backdrop for the table.

The gesso wall and baseboard help enhance the rural, rustic setting, which matches perfectly with the table and loveseat. It’s a great setting to inspire your own home decor.