Wooden Patio Furniture with Organic Designs

Wood is always a great choice for yard furniture because they pieces will fit right in with the surrounding nature.
Wooden Patio Furniture with Organic Designs

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Wooden furniture is classic and a popular choice for home exteriors. Wood is resistant, noble, warm, rustic and beautiful. If you want to use wooden furniture for your home exteriors, consider organic designs. They’ll mirror the surrounding natural beauty. Make sure to give the wood the care it needs as it can deteriorate or rot in adverse weather conditions.

In our post today, we want to show you some examples of wooden patio furniture with organic designs. Define your exteriors, choose the right pieces and embellish your home with these originally organic furniture options.

Wooden furniture with organic designs

You can set up tables, benches, chairs, stools and many other pieces in your yard. Let’s go over some traits of wooden furniture pieces with organic designs.

Solid wood tables

Tables are an essential piece for home exteriors. They’re perfect for summertime lunches or dinners with friends and family. For all those potential gatherings with friends and family, having a wooden table with an interesting organic design is a wonderful idea. Depending on your preferences, use a low, tall, long, rectangular or round table. The way the wood is cut and shaped will determine its final look.

wooden furniture yard tables

The Enterolobium cyclocarpum, or Elephant-Ear tree, offers wood in large dimensions thanks to the size of its even bigger trunk. It’s a well-known species and boasts gorgeous wood for furniture. The wood from this tree comes in either circular or rectangular pieces.

If you go with a circular piece, you can create a beautiful medium-height table. Its irregular diameter and varying tones of brown are truly organic and picturesque. You can also try installing iron legs to sustain the heavy wooden slab. Or, opt for wooden legs form the same tree and create an entirely rustic decor.

U-shaped benches

You can also use the same wood to create U-shaped benched to use with your circular table. This beautiful set of organic furniture will look lovely and will fit right into the natural backdrop of your yard. You can also fit wooden or iron legs to your bench.

wooden furniture bench

Traditional organic bench

Conventional benches are another essential piece of yard furniture. They create intimate spaces and if you have a nice view, you can use enjoy sitting on your bench while contemplating a summer sunset. Benches usually have a backrest and seat. The legs and armrests are usually made with a sturdy trunk to perfectly hold the entire structure. The different forms and irregularities create an organic style that perfectly defines these sorts of wooden furniture pieces.

Tree stump seats

Tree stumps are very popular seating options; no tinkering or treatments here, just stumps. These organic pieces are often used around a fire pit in backyards. Try using various trunks in different areas throughout your yard. If you have company over, you’ll never be short of seats.

wooden furniture tree stumps

Taking care of your wooden furniture

Remember that if you use wooden furniture in your home exteriors, you’ll need to take good care of it. It can deteriorate, swell or rot with exposure to rain or high temperatures. Try to give it a coat of varnish and other products for extra production against exterior conditions. And if you want, you can paint your wooden furniture pieces darker. But we recommend leaving them just as they are to maintain their natural essence.

You can find all kinds of wooden furniture with organic designs for your exteriors. And with some tree trunks and a couple of other elements, you can even make your own if you’re good at making furniture. Choose the furniture piece you need or want to add to your home and decorate your spaces with originality and organic designs.

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