Wooden Table Centerpieces

Looking for a unique table centerpiece? Check out these wooden pieces that you can use at home for a special event or party.
Wooden Table Centerpieces

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Table centerpieces are a popular decor resource for everyday home decor and important events alike. They come in a wide variety and there are plenty of ways to make them yourself as well. In our post today, we want to focus on wooden table centerpieces. They’re a rustic, original way to decorate your table and add a natural feel as well.

You can use circular wooden centerpieces, or ones that have small wooden boxes, trays or candle-holders. Check out our original wooden ideas below.

Original centerpieces

Wooden table centerpieces are perfect for adding a rustic and natural feel. You can even decorate the wood and match it with your other decor elements. But try to maintain its original and natural aspect.

wooden tablecenter

Decorate with wooden circles

Wooden circles make a great rustic table decor. Look for medium-sized circles that are no thicker than 2 cm. Feel free to use circles with or without bark. You can use wooden circles in many different ways to create a beautiful centerpiece. Here are our most original ideas.


Assemble the circles to make a tray to support another decorative element. For example, place a beautiful glass flower vase on top. Or set up an intricately decorated candle instead. Make sure to use a candle-holder for your candles because fire and wood make a dangerous combination.


You can also carve out a hole in your wooden circles. Then, fit a small candle into each one. Make sure the sizes of the holes match the sizes of your candles. They’ll make a gorgeous table centerpiece, filling your home decor with a warm, rustic character.

wooden table centerpiece

Engraved wood

Another original centerpiece idea is engraving your wooden circles. If you’re planning on creating decor for your wedding or another important event, engrave your guests’ names onto the wood. They’ll also make a beautiful memory of your special day and you can use it to decorate your home.

Tower of wooden circles

Next on our list of original and simple ideas is a stack of wooden circles. Cut circles of different widths from tree trunks that have varying diameters. Now, pile them randomly to create a charming rustic tower. You can also paint them and alternate painted and natural circles.

Wooden boxes

Or, another gorgeous idea is creating a centerpiece with wooden boxes. You can use them as a flower pot and fill them a beautiful floral arrangement. Feel free to decorate your boxes, matching them with the colors of your flowers. Pairing flowers with white wooden boxes that have a weathered finish will work well for weddings.

Medium-sized trunks

You can also use medium-sized trunks as a table centerpiece. Carve out a deep hole and use them to hold flowers. Avoid using excessively big trunks as they might take up too much space on your table. On a different note, remember to give them a coat of varnish. Varnish will prevent the trunk from flaking and creating a mess.

wooden tablecenter trunk

Decorate your flower vases and pots with branches

Another idea is gathering small branches and using them to decorate a flower pot or vase. Glue them on side-by-side to completely cover the surface. You can even tie a nice bow around them after.

As you’ve read with us today, there are many ways to make original wooden table centerpieces. With a handful of materials, you can make your own and decorate your tables with a lovely rustic, natural essence.

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